EA Games Returning To Steam

It feels like forever since Electronic Arts took their games off steam in an effort to cement themselves as a competitor to Steam. Looking it at things as they stand today, they’re far from even being in the race. So it’s no surprise that they have partnered with Valve to put EA games back on Steam.

Starting next spring, EA Access will be making its way to Steam. EA Access is the first and currently only gaming subscription service available on Steam, and the fourth platform featuring the EA subscription service.

EA Access offers players access to a catalog of games from EA and a few other developers. The service is currently priced at £3.99/ month or £19.99/year. ($4.99/month or $29.99/year).

The partnership kicks off with Star Wars™ Jedi: Fallen Order launching on November 15.

As always, be vigilant and patient with new releases, especially with those released by EA Games.

In the coming months, players on Steam will also be able to play other titles including The Sims™ 4, Unravel™ Two, Apex Legends™, FIFA 20, and Battlefield™ V. EA Games will also allow players on both Origin™ and Steam to play together for the first time.

We’ll be keeping an eye on the development of this partnership and we’ll be sure to update you if there are any notable developments with it.

Qudduws Campbell

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