Song of Horror plays final note

The final fifth episode launches today.

The final chapter is here

The final chapter of the episodic survival horror game from Madrid, Spain launches today on Steam. The first episode came out on Halloween last year, and this episode promises to answer the mystery of the famed but now elusive writer Sebastian P. Husher – a man who, along with his entire family, has gone missing without rhyme or reason.

Into this mystery steps the player, taking on any one of 13 different characters in order to piece together Husher’s final steps and apparent demise, all while encountering a string of events that lift the lid on something truly dreadful: a nameless, dark entity known only as The Presence.

When each character dies, they die for good, with those next in line picking up the story and making progress where they left off, but this time from an entirely new perspective. This is all while the player attempts to deal with The Presence – a foe controlled by A.I. that learns from the player’s play style and positively adapts the counter it.

The Presence watches the player. As the player enters The Presence’s territory, it responds to the intrusion and continues to respond in answer to the player’s actions. However, even if you do exactly the same thing, it will respond differently. You have no control over it because it plays by its own rules. The fun part of testing this game – even though we’ve played it about 400 times – is that sometimes even now the damn thing still manages to scare us.

Carlos Grupeli, founder of Protocol Games

Song of Horror Episode 5 launches on Steam today published by Raiser Games and developed by Protocol Games

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