Xbox All Access The Best Way To Get Series X

The Xbox Series X and S finally have a release date and price so it’s time to consider the best way to get yours. With an announced price of ₤449 (ERP) for the X and ₤249 (ERP) for the S, it may prove be a big investment for this holiday. That’s where Xbox All Access comes in – a subscription service by Microsoft that allows players to receive a console then pay it off over a 24 month period.

US Prices:

Xbox All Access was first implemented for the Xbox One with plans for Series X in the future. Each subscription comes with packaged with with Game Pass Ultimate – which has increased in value recently. Once 24 monthly payments are completed the Xbox is fully yours.

For the Series X Xbox All Access will cost £28.99/mo. with no upfront cost or APR. The S will run you £20.99/mo. with the same 0% APR and no upfront cost. Since Game Pass Ultimate is ₤10.99 you’re actually paying approximately ₤18/ month for the X or ₤10/ for the S. That’s actually not much more than most of us pay for dinner and if you divide the cost of the console alone over the same period you’ll find that it’s ₤18.75. Yup, you’re basically getting Game Pass Ultimate for ₤9.25 for 2 years if you get Xbox All Access.

With Game Pass Ultimate you have access to tons of quality games via the Microsoft store, Online features, discounts, All Xbox Studio Games and All EA games. That’s a lot of content that can be played on both PC and Xbox. As an overall package you’re basically getting a console and hundreds of games for 2 years. You can pretty much save the money you’d use to purchase a few of those and get yourself a Nvidia GTX 3070 or a PS5.

Both versions of the new Xbox will be on sale November 10, and available for pre-order September 22.

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