One Piece Chapter 999 Big Reveal

At the time of writing the One Piece Chapter 999 is yet to be released but that has not prevented leakers from acquiring some saucy info on it. The chapter titled – The waiting liquor I made for you‘ is due to be released on Sunday 20th December 2020 and final chapter released in this accursed year.

We won’t delve into most of the spoilers so as to preserve as much of the experience for fans hoping to read it when it finally releases on Sunday so if you want more you can visit animetroop. What we’re most interested in is the impending reveal of Pirate Emperor Kaido and his devil fruit.

For months we’ve all speculated about this mystery that no one outside of Oda and Shonen Jump know. Is he an actual Dragon or does his power come from a Devil Fruit? That question further enhanced by the introduction of Yamato and her casual mention of the properties of Dragon fire.

Well today we know that Kaido does indeed have a fruit of the name Uo Uo no Mi. A mythical type fruit which roughly translates to Fish Fish Fruit. Of course this comes from unverified spoilers so if this information turns out to be false we’ll be sure to update this piece immediately.

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