Most Interesting Tech at CES 2021 – So Far

Yesterday, January 11th, 2021 marked the first day of CES 2021. The annual trade show organized by the Consumer Technology Association is usually held in Las Vegas Convention Center but this year it’s being streamed via their website.

With the first day of presentations out of the way, we thought it fitting to look back at some of the more interesting products on display – some of which we may revisit in depth at a later date. Now keep in mind that there are a ridiculous amount of new tech being reveled at this year’s show and we won’t have time to properly survey them all till after the event is over. These products just happen to be the few we’ve noticed thus far:

  • Maskfone – The Maskfone is a product that probably couldn’t otherwise be of much success outside of these times and can be seen as a testament of how tech is influenced by the problems of out time. This groundbreaking face mask is not only designed to protect it’s owner with a medical grade N95 Filter but also to allow them to communicate while wearing it. The device includes a built in microphone for easy communication, is fully washable and offers protection from harmful particles in the air thanks to 5-layers of filtration. There’s still more we’d like to know about this product but for now that’ll have to wait till we have one in hand to properly test.
  • Square Off – The worlds’ s smartest chessboard is fully automated, has built in Ai and can be played with anyone over the internet. It seems like something ripped right out of a science fiction movie. It basically has every aspect to become a part of every serious chess player’s arsenal. It only falls short of the through sci-fi dream due to lack of voice command but I’m sure we’ll be seeing something along that line after the success of this product.
  • Typewise – Typewise, the Swiss deep tech startup, is announcing the launch of their third-generation smartphone keyboard at CES 2021. Typewise’s successful concept is powered by a patented 70% larger ‘honeycomb’ layout which increases two-thumb typing speed by an average of 33%. The new AI-powered autocorrection technology (patent pending) reduces typos by up to 4X. With privacy at its core, Typewise 3.0 can work 100% offline, with no data accessed by Typewise or third parties.
  • Finalace – Finalace is a new type of Bluetooth headphone which provides studio-quality audio recording, playback and processing in the form factor of a neckband headphone. This is one for the creators who record high-quality audio outside of their studio but don’t wish to log around cumbersome equipment. With two microphones embedded in the earbuds for 360 panoramic binaural audio and a third dedicated voice mic near the mouth offers crystal clear voice anywhere. The device also includes a powerful app which allows users to tune both pickup and playback settings. There’s also AI-powered call transcription along with automatic subtitle generation all included in this neat form-factor.

These are just a few of the amazing new tech we’ve noticed so far this year and there’s sure to be much more in the coming days.

Qudduws Campbell

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