Meet 5th Gen AGON Gaming Monitors

This week leading monitor brand – AOC have released details on their new line of AGON gaming monitors. These 5h Gen AGON monitors ship in two variants in Europe: the AG275QX/EU and the AG275QXN/EU. As you’d expect from an AGON monitor it has NVIDIA G-Sync, USB 3.2 ports, headset holder and VESA mount support.

More 5th Gen AGON Features

Featuring a 27″ (68.6 cm) display size and Fast IPS (AG275QX/EU) or Fast VA panels (AG275QXN/EU), both QHD models reach a 165 Hz refresh rate and offer 1 ms GtG response time to display fast moving, competitive action accurately. Meanwhile, DisplayHDR 400 and a wide colour gamut render popping, vivid colours.

The AG275QXN/EU features an industry-first flat Fast VA panel, with a responsiveness fit for competitive multiplayer titles while having the rich contrast of VA panels to create a fantastic immersion for story-driven, single player games. The AG275QX/EU on the other hand, features superior colour accuracy and 10-bit colour depth with its Fast IPS panel, ideal for the content creator/gamer audience. In line with AOC’s dedication to sustainability, the monitors are sold in paper cushion packaging that is 100% recyclable.

All the ports you could want

Both models come in native QHD resolution (2560×1440), beneficial in day-to-day tasks and allowing to see finer details in games and videos. It is also today’s ideal resolution for gaming, a substantial step-up from Full HD, but still lower than 4K, so most new graphic cards can achieve high framerates in QHD. Both AGON 5 models can also be used in Console Mode, which can accept 4K @ a 120 Hz signal and downscale it to 2560×1440, while still letting console gamers enjoy the benefit of high (120 Hz) refresh rates.

These 5th Gen AGON AG275QX/EU and AG275QXN/EU will be available from September 2022 at an MSRP of £339.99 and £279.99, respectively.

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