Game Review | Girls Guns and Zombies

Girls Guns and Zombies is not worth your time. It took me 20 minutes to see all it had to offer and even then It could have been done in less time. It’s simple, lacking in content, boring and most of all a waste of good potential.

The game has just two modes; scavenge and party mode. Scavenge sees you choose one of three female characters. All using the same body models just with different heads and outfits. Once selected she’ll be placed in a city populated with constantly respawning zombies. All of this with a 3rd person shooter perspective. In this mode you’re able to cycle between 3 guns to fend off the zombies while searching for salvage. Fending them off is optional however as the zombies don’t serve any actual treat. There are a few which run at you but you can outrun them by sprinting which has no cooldown.

This is literally just a useless waifu sandbox with very little substance. Which is such a shame because the actual shooting mechanics are good. Likewise so are the character designs. Had they added some sort of a story, collectable outfits and more gameplay options than find Burning Box, then this could have been a great experience. The only purpose the salvage you collect serves is to unlock dancing emotes and remove clothing from the characters. Salvage is all over the map and it only costs 5 salvage per level unlocks for a grand total of 5 levels. Once unlocked you’ve done everything this game has to offer.

Visually the game looks good enough but suffers from poor optimization. While Advance Graphics are turned on with quality set to high the framerate suffers. There’s also a weird blur effect in the party mode which renders the characters unviewable. As for audio, it’s your standard shooter affair. Weapons sound good but there’s no music, giving off an eerily dull atmosphere. I can’t stress how much this game (and I use that title loosely) fails to be just that, a game.

Titles like School Girl Zombie Hunter look like super polished gems when compared to this and I can’t believe I’m actually saying that. Girls Guns and Zombies is basically a cheap cash grab for people interested in games like SG/ZH and Gal Gun Pixies. Don’t be fooled. There may be clothing damage, cute waifus and decent shooting mechanics but its all wrapped up in a shallow package.

Final Verdict

Don’t buy this game, don’t wishlist it on Steam and definitely don’t waste your time playing it. It’s an unfinished underwhelming mess with so much untapped potential. It doesn’t even deliver on the fanservice side of things either thanks in part to lack of costumes and activities outside of characters dancing. If and only if the developers decide to add some kind of story or progression system will I say this game has an ounce of value. As it is not it has none.

Review copy for Girls Guns and Zombies was provided by its publisher Evil Bunneh.

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