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Button Smashers has some of the most amazing editors that any site could ask for and because of that I believe that our content is extra amazing. Those who have been following us and have been a part of our family since last year when we started as just a Facebook group and then a podcast will know that a lot has changed around here, most notably the Website itself and members of our editorial family. I apologize to you all of my “Button Smashers family” for not giving you regular updates as to what has been going on here on BSB, no “but” just a pure sincere apology.

I will now like to start with the most important update and that is the fact that both Kitami and Adrian of the Button Smashers Podcast are no longer Hosts of the podcast. Some of you may have gotten a verbal update from me personally about this or may have just noticed that they have not been on the most recent episodes of the BSP. I’ll like to make it clear that Adrian and Kitami not being on the cast as host does not mean that they may or may not be on it again. The reason that they are not on it is not because I have any grievances with either of them, in fact I still see them as my bro and sis and not just because they were BSP hosts but because they have been great friends to me and in some degree still are (I say some degree because of the fact that we have fallen out of regular communication with each other, but I still do see them at events and we chat on the random occasion). Their Positions as BSP hosts was not taken from them but rather an agreement for the betterment of the cast due to the clashes in schedules. They both always have open invitations to be on the podcast should they desire and if they were to be given an official title it would be (guest host). They helped make Button Smashers what it is today, a depth I will forever be unable to repay.

Concerning the current Podcasting crew it will consist of Rai, Sheldon and I. I hope to add Jessica to the Ranks soon but we are still yet to record a podcast together and that will be necessary before I can make anything official. Sheldon has been busy with some of his own personal stuff that I will not mention due to the fact that it is “HIS PERSONAL STUFF”, it’s not something bad so don’t worry. It’s been a bit hard to keep constant contact with Rai because of my sometimes antisocial nature and him being Rai (LOL). Me personally I have started a new Job that has me out of the house at 5am and back at 7pm Monday to Friday. This has affected my rate of writing, frequency of updates to the site itself and communication with our editorial family. I have however already started working out a new schedule in which to communicate with them and will be finding ways to insure that when you or anyone visits the site the quality of content will be of the best quality possible.

Ryu Sheng/David Has been a BSB editor the longest and so he is one of our senior Editors here on the site. He is very experienced and vocal about his passions in gaming and anime/ Manga and graphic novels. The the best things about him is that he is an all rounded Bloke who can do almost anything and fill any position. Ryu and I are always in contact with each other so if ever something happens on the site that he thinks he needs my advise on he is not hesitant to message me about it.  After Ryu is Neko who has managed to become one of my best buddies. I think we talk daily at this point, even if it’s just a tweet between us. He is one of the most active blokes I know and one of the most active editors here on the site.

The following is a list and description of all the new Editors to join our Family.

Jessica Brown:

Jessica is a Podcaster and writer with her own site (link on the home page). We, she and I first got in contact after I listened to her podcast and left a comment on it about how much I enjoyed. She has a very calming voice, one that I would associate with the sound of running water with birds chirping in the background for the perfect nights rest or as the first voice one hears in the morning to get your day started in the most peaceful way. Jess is a gamer and also a proud member of the US military. She’s very asserted and a literal ninja with the English language, (honestly I feel a bit obligated to use the most sophisticated words in my vocabulary when talking to her). If you would like to know more about Jess check out her profile under the about us section as well as her own personal website.


This bloke joined the Button Smashers Family Community on Google plus for about a year now and has been one of its most active members when it comes to posting content. I started out not to well with him because I had to remind him on a few occasions to be active on the other member’s posts and not just his. After a short while I started to find myself checking out his content and then realized that it was something I wanted on the BSB. I then consulted with other BSB editors before asking him to officially join our team. He generally creates video game let’s play content and anime reviews but is also versatile enough to do a podcast of his own. I have not lazed with him enough to say much more about him other than he seems very busy, but only because he’s ambitious.


Jomar is probably the youngest BSB editor so far and he shows it. I say that but mean no insult to the bloke. He and I have spent a good amount of time getting to know each other and he has even invited me to join him on a road trip next year (fingers crossed on me getting the time to take that trip bro). Oh and when I said above that Jomar shows his youth it had nothing to do with his articles but rather his personal one to one communications with me. The guy has a lot of potential he just needs to write more and have more confidence in himself. The two articles he already has up on BSB have been marginally popular In the Weeks/months. They went up but highly popular on the exact day. This is why I say he needs to write more. The more he publishes stuff the more I believe readers will become attached to his writing and keep his popularity even after weeks have passed.

Crack a fruity:

Fruity as I will refer to him on the site is an Australian bloke who I found out about thanks Roger. He is a very professional guy and prefers to keep his professional/personal life separate from online life. This is why he does not use his actual name online and I will not use it to respect his wishes. He and I had a hard time getting in contact with each other initially but we have finally found a mesh that works for now. I have had only a few voice chats with him but only because his and my Skype don’t seems to communicate properly and it’s the same for steam VC, look heck our networks don’t like each other lol, but I like Fruity just fine. He is a Native Youtuber so you can expect a lot of video content video content from him.



I mentioned him above so he’s next on my list. He goes by the name 40splishsplash and is a Swedish musician professionally, a father gamer and quite a lot more. Roger is an inspiration to me because he proves that you can do what you love and still live a good life. He puts in his hours to make sure his content he creates is of the highest quality whether it’s his music or video game lets plays. Like fruity he is a native you tuber and so his primary contribution to the Button Smashers will be in video format. Roger and I have a hard time matching up both of our busy schedules so you may not notice much content from him on the site yet but as soon as we do you can expect to see a lot more from him.


Celicia or Cece as she is known to most is a bit of a Chibi. Getting to know Cece was not what I expected, she defied my expectations and warped my mind. To me she’s the definition of don’t judge a book by its cover. If you’re a fan of the Button Smashers Podcast you should of course know my favorite guests Nigel and Tali. Well the thing is Cece is Tali’s little sister and she is just as much fun as her sis. She is a fan of JRPG’s, Anime, Manga and a lot of other Japanese culture (Otaku). I have spoken to her about doing a cosplay series so you can look forward to seeing that on soon once all goes well.


Kris is the chef among our ranks and the one person I want around me if we ever get marooned on a deserted island. He is a very energetic bloke with a passion for video games and food. This passion has allowed him to combine the two to create quality youtube channel. Kris is an avid Pokémon trainer who has been playing the games for quite a while and even plays the hack versions. You can expect lots of exciting video content from this Tobago born gamerchef (new term I call dibs).

So I guess that basically sums up my update on what I am up to these days and also in some part what what’s new on the BSB.

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