GTA V Gameplay is Game of the Year stuff

Earlier this year we did a Podcast, during which we discussed the games we believed would be potential game of the year candidates. Some were more realistic like Bioshock infinite while other were a bit obscure like Disgaea D2. One of those games Discussed on that list was Rockstar’s new toy, GTA V. GTA V was my personal choice for the GOTY candidates because i believe Rockstar’s open world sand boxes are well designed awe inspiring games and that’s exactly that GTA V looks like from the video Below.

Of course at the time we made our suggestions an awesome games called The Last of us had not seen the grace of our PS3 controller yet, so we didn’t think think to add it to our list.  so i made a new poll which game do you think has the driving quality to take game of the year 2013?

If you have another option leave it in the comments below.

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  1. The problem here is that Game of The Year polls are highly subjective and down to personal preference. Take your choice of GTA, i’ve personally hated every GTA i’ve played and have no desire to play another. Infact the only game from the Rockstar that i would say i enjoyed was LA Noir.

    For me the choice would be between Persona 4 Golden (released Feb 22nd in the UK) and Atelier Totori on the vita (released April). I say it’s subjective because the choices made are usually based on the preferences of the player, for example both of mine are RPG’s, where as some one who likes FPS might pick Crysis 3 or CoD Ghosts

  2. It’s a tough call. The Last of Us has been #1 game worldwide since its release, but Grand Theft Auto V is currently the #1 most pre-ordered game in the US. Sales don’t always predict quality, but it is considered. Also, I don’t know if people will have enough time to really decide if it deserves GotY 2013 status, since it’s being released in late September (Sept. 17).

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