DivideByZer0’s Top 35 Anime Openings (Part 3), Version 1.0: Thematic Anime-Related DIScussions (T.A.R.DIS)

21.)  “Bouken Desho Desho” by Aya Hirano

The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya OP 1

For an anime as colorful as Haruhi, an appropriate opening theme is, of course, in order.  That is exactly what “Bouken Desho Desho” does.  Colorful and pretty animation set to an addicting tune makes this opening Haruhi-approved.  Sure, some people may prefer the opening theme of the second season, but this one goes into this spot because of an added nostalgia effect for  me.  That and the Mikuru boob-physics.  Okay,so that last part isn’t ENTIRELY true, but you get the point.

20.)  “Colors” by FLOW

Code Geass OP 1

Similar to the last entry, this opening has lots of contenders from the same anime, and I had quite a difficult time choosing over which ones to put on this spot.  In the end, they were all equally good in some way or another, but I chose “Colors” to go on this spot because of how I loved this opening even before I watched the show.  I didn’t think it was anything too special, but when it wanted to fit into the show, it did so with style.  And, seriously, who doesn’t love them first few lyrics? “JIBUN WO, SEKAI SAE MO…”

19.)  “Light My Fire” by KOTOKO

Shakugan no Shana FINAL OP 1

Another anime that has multiple brilliant opening themes, I had a tough time deciding which Shakugan no Shana OP would go on this list.  For the longest time, I figured it would be Shana’s 1st opening for the second season, “Joint”, but, as I contemplated, I figured that “Light My Fire” had a bigger dose of epicness to it.  Especially them last few seconds of the opening.  THEM.  LAST.  FEW.  SECONDS.  Plus, it’s supercell.  Can’t go wrong with supercell.

18.)  “Pre-Parade” by Rie Kugimiya, Eri Kitamura, and Yui Horie

Toradora OP 1

Catchy song?  Check.  Unique ripple-style animation at points?  Check.  Lyrics that are too fast to follow by the average man?  Check.  How could I not love this opening song?  It’s too bad that they replaced this OP halfway through the series, not that the second opening theme was bad, but I just wished that this OP had more screentime.  But instead we got what we got, and we got was an energetic ear-candy that compliments a show such as Toradora.

17.)  “Toki o Kizamu Uta” by Lia

Clannad:  After Story OP 1

Apart from the obviously BEAUUUUTIFUL animation, this song doesn’t have anything too over-the-top.  So why is it placed this close on the list?  Its grace.  “Toki o Kizamu Uta”  isn’t too dramatic, but rather, very soothing and graceful.  It gives this calming effect that’s sorta similar to a cup of hot coco on a cold wintry day:  it warms you up right down to your toes.  And, to be honest, for a brick-hearted being such as myself, there aren’t many opening themes like it.

16.)  “Crossing Fields” by LiSA

Sword Art Online OP 1

This may be one of the most generic anime themes that I have placed on this list.  And for good reason, too.  “Crossing Fields”, with its fantastical song and gorgeous animation that showcases what the animation looks like within the show, is a definite must-add on this list.  Doesn’t matter if it’s generic.  It’s awesome, okay?  Plus, you can’t go wrong with that climax before the chorus.

15.)  “Sparkling Daydream” by ZAQ

Chuunibyou Demo Koi ga Shitai OP 1

Back to the trend of really cute anime opening themes, Chuunibyou’s OP defnitely takes a spot on this list for being CUTE AS HELL.  With a hella catchy song and easy-on-the-eyes animation, “Sparkling Daydream” counts as one of the cutest opening themes I’ve seen in a long time.  Just look at that Rikka, twerking before it was even cool.  Who doesn’t think it’s adorable?

14.)  “What’s up, People” by Maximum the Hormone

Death Note OP 2

OOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHKAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYY…..hmmm……how do I start explaining……..okay, so first off, before you go on an all caps rage, Death Note’s first OP theme was a really good opening.  Had it been the only opening for Death Note, it would’ve been on this spot instead.  HOWEVER!  “What’s up, People” is………unique.  It has a heavy metal thing to it, something I generally don’t like, but in this case, I do.  So much craziness and awesomeness happens during this opening theme that I can’t even begin to count them all.  It just makes me wanna death-metal scream along with it, something that I have tried and failed.  Oh well…

13.)  “A Cruel Angel’s Thesis” by Yoko Takahashi

Neon Genesis Evangelion OP 1

Of course, I can’t let this list slide by without putting something that’s even REMOTELY similar to Evangelion.  To be honest, I really can’t place a finger on why this opening theme is on this list.  Maybe it’s because of its catchy-ness, or maybe it’s because of the cool transitional elements they used, or maybe it’s because of the awesome background choir?  In any case, this opening may not be popular with everyone, but I believe that this opening theme deserves credit.



  1. Bro i’m happy Haruhi Suzumiya made the list. its one of my favorite anime series that the opening it is part of what makes it that (a small part though). I would have put Shakugan no Shana a lot higher on my list but that’s just because I’m a fan boy for Shana. :p
    With the ones that are on the list so far and Sword Art Online too I’m getting more curious as to what made your top 10 😉

  2. I like all the songs you have selected in this part aside from the Chuunibyou Demo Koi ga Shitai one, which I cannot comment on as I have not seen that series. Should I check it out or is it a girly show? At least animated twerking > Miley.

    1. Hmm…chuunibyou is okaaaay. i won’t say its a girly show. It’s pretty cute and cool, but that would depend on you. Regardless, go check it out ^^

  3. Lots of nice openings on here, I recognize most of them (though I never did watch Shana so that one’s an exception).

    First and foremost, Crossing Field is probably my favorite anime OP. I love LiSA songs in general but this one has by far the most plays on my iPod, it’s just a really catchy song and I never tire of listening to it. I suppose one might call it typical, but it’s typical in a familiar way that just feels absolutely right. It’s an amazing song regardless so I have no complaints. I also love SAO’s second OP, Innocence, perhaps not quite as much as Crossing Field but still a lot (given that it’s 6th most played on my iPod). It’s a funny thing, I’m not such a huge fan of SAO overall but its openings are among my all-time favorites. I really do hope this trend remains with the second season.

    Haruhi’s opening is pretty good, though not amazing. I think I preferred the more upbeat and fast-paced nature of the second season’s opening, though as far as Haruhi music goes I’m much more fond of God Knows than either of the two openings.

    Colors was an awesome opening for Geass and it’s a great song, though I think I liked World End more. It’s a funny thing, I can relate with you but with World End instead of Colors. I didn’t care for it when I first heard it on my iPod and it felt too…happy I guess? But then I get to the second half of R2 and the song just feels perfect. It’s a funny thing, one of my least favorite Flow songs at first is now among my top most played. Part of that is probably that I love Geass too though lol.

    Pre-Parade really set the mood for Toradora and it’s perfect for capturing the upbeat and goofy nature of the story early on. I prefer it over the second opening, though admittedly silky heart fits better with the story by the time the anime gets to that point.

    Toki wo Kizamu Uta was a lovely opening for After Story, I really liked how it was a lyrical version of one of the original songs from the series. It fits brilliantly and it really is an emotional song, brings out the feels and I remember all that happened in After Story every time I listen to it.

    Sparkling Daydream is a cute and catchy song, it was quite nice to listen to and it fits Chuunibyou pretty well. Though I actually liked the ED a good deal more than the OP, Inside Identity was a great song and it makes me sad that I didn’t enjoy Ren’s OP or ED nearly as much as these. Not that those were bad, but it just wasn’t quite the same.

    I liked The World more than What’s up, People personally, though Nightmare’s music is more my style to begin with. DN’s 2nd OP is, well, it’s certainly different and it’s definitely memorable. I like it to an extent, but I’m not quite sure what I think of it overall. It’s a strange thing to use for Death Note of all things, but I wouldn’t call it a bad song.

    And I absolutely love Evangelion’s opening. It’s a strange thing, I have absolutely no recollection of Eva in my childhood and even though I’d heard the name of the series a decent amount in years past, I know I never watched any of it until last year (back when I really did go through the series and all), yet something about the OP evokes a sense of nostalgia. As if I’ve heard the song long ago even though I have no direct memory of it. It’s a strange thing. But indeed, it’s a very catchy song and I imagine most fans of 90s anime would definitely point to this one as being a more memorable track, it’s certainly one of my most played from that era (or pretty much anything before the 2000s).

    And I look back and realize I typed a bit of a disturbing amount. Well, there’s always a lot to talk about when it comes to great music, particularly great anime music.

  4. Aawww, but FLOW suck!

    I agree with most of the list (at least, the ones I recognise, which aren’t many of them) and anyone who recommends Durarara!! is in my good books (though I preferred OP2). But while watching Code Geass, I was relieved when Colors was swapped out for Kaidoku Funou – which I think should have been in the list. To me, Colors belonged in something more like Baccano. Incidentally, I didn’t like Baccano’s OP, either.

    It’d have been nice to see a Sayonara, Zetsubou Sensei OP on here. I find it difficult to decide between the three main ones, but I usually think that Kuusou Rumba (Zoku series) is the best song and Ringo Mogire Beam (Zan series) has the best animation. Well, the best animation is on this mashup: http://goo.gl/RmjZH7. Also, Asian Kung-Fu Generation could have done with a mention. They’ve done a few OPs, but the only anime I’ve watched with one is Yojouhan Shinwa Taikei. But Rewrite was on FMA, I think, and that’s pretty good.