Warrior Pack giveaway

I’m mainly a pacifist when i comes to real life, heck i avoid conflict like its the plague, but in games its just so much fun to run up to a random person and T-bag her/him just after you blast their head with a shot gun from a future that does not exist, yet.

We at BSB will like to give you a chance to join the fray in a few of the shooters that are considered great for local and online in one Pack (We did not include COD). IF you own some or all of the games and still choose to enter it will be ok as we will be giving them away as a set of origin and Steam codes for each game in the pack separately that can be registered to any account/s.

  • Have a Valid Origin Account
  • Join the Button Smashers Family on steam :link
  • Like/follow either Button Smashers Facebook, Twitter or Google+ page
  • Share this Giveaway on either Facebook, Google plus or Twitter
  • leave a comment on this post with the your steam name & the phrase (I want the Warrior Pack ) or leave a comment on our twitter @BSPtweet2012 with your steam name and the Hastag, #iwantwarriorpack


  • One entry per individual
  • A winner will be selected at random
  • Refer to the Giveaway page for more information and past winners.

Button Smashers reserves the the rights to terminate this Giveaway at any given time. We also reserve the right to deny any winner/s if we see fit to do so.

IF this giveaway gets more than 100 shares between all our social networks we will add Battlefield 4 to the Pack, and if it gets more than 300 we will add TitanFall. 1000 shares – (Something really cool will happen) 😉


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