Allahweh’s Upcoming Fall Projects!


Every time I finish with something, I tend to get messages basically asking “What are you going to work on next?” That’s a valid question, I guess. Recently, I finished two projects I’d been working on for over a month: my Retro Play series on Illusion of Gaia for the SNES and also my Let’s Stream series on the awesome Nihon-Falcom game Ys Origin. Now that both games are wrapped up, I have to give consideration to other things I’d like to do.

Well, for one thing, since I’ve covered ActRaiserSoul Blazer, and Illusion of Gaia, sometime soon I plan to visit with Terranigma, a 1996 sequel that only saw release in Europe and Japan. It’s an interesting game that I’ve only played a little bit of, so I think it would be really cool to do a full playthrough of it soon. Whether or not I’ll follow that up with the Quintet PlayStation game The Granstream Saga is another story.

Sitting on one of my hard-drives right now is three episodes worth of raw footage of Rayman 2: The Great Escape for the Nintendo 64. This is a game I had considered playing through for some time, and when a fellow Button Smashers editor told me it was one of her all-time favorite games, that made me want to cover it even more. So, soon I will start editing and uploading the episodes I have content for and will work on continuing that one until it is over.

I also recently started playing Torchlight. I actually received Torchlight II as a gift from a friend recently, and before I got into that one I thought it might be cool to do a playthrough of the first. This one I am recording using the AMD Gaming Evolved hardware encoding application, and recording in full 1080p at 60 frames-per-second. Whether or not YouTube will be able to handle the 60 FPS fully or not will remain to be seen, since my understanding is that it has been rolled out for certain companies to use (namely at this time for game trailers), but may not be fully implemented for the average end-user.

As October approaches, you can expect to see a renewed interest in covering certain horror games. This will include perhaps some special stream sessions of my little Night Terrors series, but you may also see some retro-gaming going on with Halloween-themed games like those in the Castlevania series of games. We’ll just have to see.

Keep in mind that I do these videos for fun, but I also just like to play and enjoy games too, not always having to stream and record everything!

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  1. There’s no relation between TL1 and 2 TBH. In fact TL2 goes quite a way to put a wall between it’s predecessor.

    TL2 is by far the better game, the original was more like a proving ground to see if they could do it.

    1. Cool, thanks for letting me know! I’ll still play through TL1 anyway. Though, are they in the same world or totally different settings, period?

      1. 2 takes place after the end of 1, sort of. But it makes it very clear early on that some of the core mechanics of the 1 game are gone, as is the story.

        2 has barely any story in it really.