Who has the better sale?


This month both the 3DS and the PlayStation Vita have sales going on, but you might not know that due to the lack of any form of advertisements.


On the 3DS there is a Sale called the throwback sale. It’s supposed to bring games from different generations that share similarities together in a sale that can give up to 50% off. So far I only see Yoshi’s New Island and Pushmu, both great games, however with only $10 off Yoshi’s New island I’d avoid that one ($30). As for Pushmu It’s about $3.49 (so let’s just call it what it is $4) which is not a bad price to pay for such a great title. Other than that you can find more, maybe even better games in the price drop section of the eshop. There are many great games there like Shantae and the pirate curse, Shin Megami Tensei IV and Etian Odyssey IV. Each of which is only $14.99.

There are so much more on sale so why not hop on the Eshop and see if there is anything you want.


Nintendo’s little wonder device is not the only one that has a pretty interesting sale going on at the moment. The Vita has a sale of its own and in a way it may just be better than Nintendo’s because of the prices. In the PSN store you’re gonna want to find the 20th Anniversary Sale. This sale has quite a few gems and the cool thing is that it’s not just for the Vita, so if you have any other PlayStation devices you may want to get something for them too while you’re shopping. So far I’ve seen Persona 4 for $15 ($12 if you have PS plus), Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc for $23 ($19.99 for PS plus), and even the entire Ratchet and Clank collection for $15 ($12 for PS plus).

 see if there is anything you want

This is quite the sale and notice none of the games are over the $30 Price point, however to be fair more than 50% of the games are PS one and PSP ports. When compared to the 3DS that has more games made for that system it’s hard to say who has the better sale. What do you think, who do you think has the better sale?

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    1. Actually thats not true any more i’ve found. Sure if you’re just looking for quantity, no one will ever beat steam. But honestly over the past few years i’ve found most of the steam sales have been weak in comparison to the likes of GMG, GG and GoG, who always seem to have better sales.

      Case in point i was going to buy Sleeping Dogs from Steam for 75% off, found it on GMG for 90% off. Lords of the Fallen 50% off on steam, 75% off on Bundle Stars. I don’t think i’ve actually bought a major game on steam sale for a long time