30-Day Anime Challenge! (Day 1): Prince Kouhii’s T.A.R.DIS (Thematic Anime-Related DIScussions)

Well, the title is pretty self-explanatory.

For those of you who don’t know (probably a lot of you), the month of February holds a special spot that is near and dear to my heart.  On this month last year, something occurred that has pretty much changed my life and provided me with multiple fascinating experiences that I never knew I would ever experience ever.


No, it’s not because it’s Valentine’s month (screw that), although the exponential increase in the availability of chocolate-related confectioneries that accompany the theme of the month is quite favorable.

No, it’s also not because its the start of a new semester, although that proves to be a nice change of pace as well in terms of school work (I’m a nerd, I know).


And no, it’s also not because it’s when the new Spongebob movie comes out (which I am completely hyped for btw).


Give up yet?


Ok, I’ll tell you guys





















the month of my birth, and that’s why it’s so special to me.


I’ll be expecting my presents in my mailbox on the 8th, ok?

All manner of joking aside though (although a nice little TARDIS cookie jar on my birthday wouldn’t be so bad), the month of February is the month that I joined this amazing website.  I was just scrolling through Noragami-related posts, when I saw a first impressions-article on this website.  It was an interesting piece, but what caught my eye as I read was a little notice that indicated that the website was currently searching for writers.  I figured that I would check and try to apply.

And the rest, as they say, was history. (sorry for the use of cliche)

Soooo, yeah, this is just a little something that I whipped up in the last minute.  I figured that this would be a fun little side-thing, so I thought “what the hell”.

So basically, as the title implies, I would be answering a question on a specific day each day for 30 days, all of which are anime-related.  I believe this will not only prove to be a fun quest, but also a creative way to express my anime tastes a little bit more.  Also, I don’t believe that we’ve been really acquainted yet, and so this fun little 30-day odyssey will help me introduce myself a bit more thorough.

Now, without further ado, shall we begin?

Day 1:  Very First Anime You Watched

Now, this is kinda tricky.

If I would be allowed to say so, I don’t necessarily have just ONE first anime.  I watched anime in certain points in my life, each one representing a certain “era” in my journey to being an otaku, if you will.

So forgive me if I provide you with multiple “first” anime.

The very first anime I remembered watching as a kid (probably when I was around 4) was Digimon (the first series).

Not Pokemon, mind you, although I loved the series as well and is was the second thing I got into as a wee child.

I recall being naturally fond to it, being one of the shows I looked forward to every time I came home from school.  I also had a bunch of VHS tapes (DAMN I’M OLD) with a bunch of episodes in each one of them that I watched probably a million times each.  I watched little snippets of other Digimon series, but none of them came close to what I felt in the original.  At least, that’s my opinion.  And with a sequel to the original series on the way, you bet my little 3-year old heart is jumping with joyous jubilation.

Now, if we’re talking about my first anime that I RECOGNIZED as an anime, then it would be Naruto and Naruto Shippuden.

I loved the series (I thought the idea of ninjas with super-powers was really exciting) and I loved the games (the amount of hours I spent playing the Ultimate Ninja series was uncountable).  I just thought that the entire thing was freaking awesome, and I still do to this day (sorta).  Of course, I’ve seen Dragonball, Flame of Recca, YuGiOh, Yu Yu Hakusho, and the like, but when I think back to the anime that made me watch and recognize what anime is like, I always think of that blond, hyper-active ninja who initially was sort of a loser, who grew up to be the savior of Konoha.  That’s why when the anime ultimately concludes (whenever that may be), I will have to make an ode of some sorts to this show, because, love it or hate it, Naruto has been a part of my life in some form, and it is only right that I make some sort of homage to it.

Finally, if you wanna know about the very first anime that I watched, the very first anime that led me to become an otaku, then that would be Katekyo Hitman Reborn.

Good old KHR.


It was my cousins who introduced me to this under-appreciated shonen show, and it is something that I am eternally grateful for.

Had I not discovered this nice little shonen adventure series, featuring an indecisive adolescent boy chosen to be the head of the most influential mafia organization in the world (with superpowers!), I wouldn’t be able to open my mind to other anime out there, and I wouldn’t be the otaku that I am today.

I’m not exactly sure what it was about this show that warranted a lifestyle change from my mundane ordinary everyday-living to a life of otaku-ness.  Perhaps it was the complex plot, or the spot-on comedy, or the exciting action sequences, or the interesting characters, or the soundtrack, or what have you, but I was influenced by Reborn! to explore the vast ocean of variety that is anime: a decision that I’ve come to appreciate now that I look back at all the anime that got me to this point in time.

By the way, go check out the show if you’re looking for something shonen-y to chew up on downtime.  There may be a little bit of down-time on the first 30 episodes or so, but trust me, you’ll like it. Chances are that you’ll find something in KHR that is definitely worth your time.

Well, that’s it for the first anime that I’ve seen….






………embarrassingly, I kinda diverted away from my original intention of providing only 1 anime, but in truth, there are plenty of shows that inspired me to become a life-long anime fan.  As I experience more and more anime during my lifetime, both good shows, meh shows, and below-average stuff, I will always stop, take my time, and look back on which shows started it all, and then move on.

See you guys in Day: 2!