Will you really be getting that Majora’s Mask 3ds you Ordered?

Majora 3DS

It may not come as a surprise as so many people had trouble getting their hands on this limited edition Majora’s Mask set with the statue and game, BUT for the people who get their hands on a Limited Edition 3ds you may be in shock that big retailers such as BestBuy is offering you a $50 gift card as they don’t have all the consoles for the pre-orders that they promised!

The cause for this tragedy is still unclear and none of the companies affected have committed in on the topic of pre-orders they never had. This is surprising as you would think Million dollar organizations would have a count on how many Limited Edition Game Packages and Limited Edition 3ds Packages they will have for sure before allowing pre-orders to stop flowing and with the speed at which they pulled them off their sites makes us believe they did know but were banking on Nintendo producing more.

Is this a case where things just got all mixed up? or is it more than that and they knew what they were doing before hand and screwed up drastically.

I for one would refuse the $50 and demand the console if I had a receipt of payment for the console and would fight this all the way to court.

As more details unravel i’ll bring it to you.

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