Monthly Anime Update – August

August is here already!? Time really does fly when you’re havin’ fun. This time around not much has change as this update does not fall in line with the start of a season or the end of a season.



Shokugeki no Souma

Not much to say here. The novelty of its over-the-top trolliness has kinda worn off; the scenes where people have food orgasms are not as funny anymore, but as long as the show is still entertaining to me, I’ll continue watching the show. Also that sports-anime-like opening.





This show is teasing us so hard with the flash backs, I just hope all shall be revealed at the end and provide us with the most spectacular ending we could possible get.





Introducing a new character with a new power every episode makes the show feel fresh with content and humor. It keeps me wanting more out of the show.



God Eater

Some unneccesary fanservice, but forgivable as Ufotable’s previous works also had fanservice (I’m look at YOU Fate Series).



Old shows:

K-on – 10 episodes in

This show is PURE MOE. I expected much less, but I was so wrong. Can’t wait for the awesome ending at the end of season two.



Nichijou – 4 episodes in

I really should start watching … and reading One Piece. I guess video games are to addicting for my own good.




Chaos Dragon, Durarara!! X2 Ten, and Overlord

These shows just didn’t impress me, but if they end well I might revisit them.

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I’ll be posting more stuff now that it’s august and my body is Reggie.


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