“Betrayer” — Survival Horror in 17th Century Virginia?!

Betrayer is a game that I think fell far below most people’s radars, even those who would normally be into survival horror games. That’s sad, though, because it’s actually a really neat game with a cool premise. The gameplay is a combination between survival horror, adventure, and first-person shooting and the game is set in Colonial Virginia in 1604. Beyond some of the creatures that try to kill you as you explore the frontier, a lot of the scariness comes from the sheer loneliness of the setting. There really isn’t hardly anyone left, and as you explore and you get to talk to spirits from those that had died before you got there, you learn some very grim tales of humanity and what it is willing to do in dire situations.

I’ve showcased this game in the past with one of my Night Terrors videos, but since I’m trying to finish the game now, I decided to record some more gameplay so that you could see how it behaves. Here, you’ll get to enjoy about 30 minutes of gameplay at an ultra-wide 3440×1440 resolution. I really hope you like it!

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Jessica Brown

Retro Games and Technology Editor. She'll beat pretty much every Mega Man game without breaking a sweat.