Top 25 Anime Ending Themes, Version 1.0: Part 4

Let’s stop the formalities here and dive straight into this list’s continuation.


Shall we begin?  Again?


Yes, yes we shall.




8.)  Kimi ni Matsuwari Mystery, by Satomi Satou & Ai Kayano

          Hyouka  ED 2

Yeah, yeah I hear all the hardcore members of the Cult of Haruhi loading their sniper rifles in a futile attempt to assassinate me for putting this song above their national anthem, but hey you know what?


Not to deprive Hare Hare Yukai in any way, it’s just that this ED theme in particular tickles my fancy with its style in terms of how it’s animated, with an overall Sherlock-y theme to it (with how the characters were dressed and how the background features titles from various classic mystery literature), among other things, like how the song is rather catchy and how the lyrics really encapsulate the mysterious romantic concept that is evident in the show’s second-half (no matter how frustratingly delayed and unfinished it was).  It might not have an addicting dance craze attached to it, but it’s its own brand of style that I like very much.

Now excuse me as I frantically avoid my untimely death.  Again.

7.)  Namae no Nai Kaibutsu, by EGOIST

          Psycho-Pass ED 1

Choosing the order of #7 and #6 on this list is up there in the “most difficult to decide which goes where” section, where I spent hours upon hours interchanging between the two.  On one hand, Namae no Nai Kaibutsu excels both in it’s animation and in the song itself, showcasing the best that Production I.G. and Egoist has to offer, respectively.  On the other hand, I liked #6 better because it is in many ways a contrast of the show it represents, yet it works beautifully while also having great vocals and animation.

In the end, I had to place this at #7, but that doesn’t devalue this ED theme at all, for that matter.  As I mentioned, its animation is a cut above the rest and the song was an excellent ending to an episode of a show as dark as Psycho-Pass.  A lot of people would prefer the show’s 2nd ED, and while I do think it is astounding, I feel that if an anime’s ED theme can swap with its OP theme and still provide the same results, then it deserves just a little bit more.

Like seriously, look at the first few seconds of the ED theme and tell that doesn’t look cool.


6.)  Zzz (A Capella Version), by Sasaki Sayaka

          Nichijou ED 1

This song was definitely the newest one I added to this list, being a show that I just recently watched (by the time of this article, 2 days earlier to be exact).  As I’ve mentioned, this song is a far-cry to the zany, quirky, over-the-top wackiness of the show it’s attached to.

It even has 3 different versions to it (A Capella, Bossa Nova, and Pop), like come on, what other happening has 3 DIFFERENT VERSIONS?

However, the more I think about it, the more I realize that the A Capella version is the one I like the best, the contrast between the two is actually quite refreshing, the ED itself representing the calmer, more “ordinary” parts of the show that it does not usually tread.  Being an A Capella as well, with very little music attached to it, made for an ending theme that is pretty unique by it’s own merits, in addition to its beautiful vocals.

Almost as unique as the show itself.


5.)  Dango Daikazoku, by Chata

          Clannad ED 1

Oh goodie.

I’ve angered yet ANOTHER fan-base for not putting an ED theme “where it belongs”.

How do I live with myself now?

Please save me from the nothing I’ve become.

Real talk though, I like this ending theme.  Like, a lot.  It’s calming and simply beautiful and its animation complements the innocent tone of the ED (and the show itself in general) perfectly.  Heck, this ED theme reoccurs throughout After Story and is a main factor for a majority of the emotional moments in the show., and that, in and of itself, is something special that not a lot of ED themes manage to reach, let alone duplicate properly.

I just don’t like it as much as the hardcore fans do, I guess?

Please don’t hurt me, I have puppies.


4.)  Daisy, by Stereo Dive Foundation

          Beyond the Boundary ED 1

I think simplicity is the name of the game for this part of the list.

This song does not have any big, booming instruments or vocals that can open the gates of Heaven itself.

But this ED is a prime example of what can happen if you mix simple, yet effective music with simple, yet majestic animation that is a staple of KyoAni.  “Daisy”, besides being a brilliant ED to the show (with a nice transition at every episode’s end, which I’m a big fan of), is also fantastic to listen to on its own, and was essentially part of why I enjoyed this show a lot.

DESPITE what others say about the show.


Aaaand, that’s a wrap for now.  I hope I haven’t rustled too many jimmies yet, because I’ll have my Top 3 ED themes coming up in a while, along with some honorable mentions.

You know, to please some people who may like other stuff that’s not necessarily on this list.

Until then, this has been Ken, for, and I’ll see you guys in the future.