Ace Attorney anime announced Spring 2016 HYPEEE


Ahh Ace Attorney, truly one of the Nintendo DS’ gems due to it’s magnificent ost, brilliant story, and clever dialog. An anime adaptation was announced at the Tokyo Game Show 2015 along side with a new Ace Attorney Game set in the 19th century. Phoenix Wright (also known as Ryuichi Naruhodo in Japanese) is an upcoming defense attorney that is know for his famous finger point and the scream of the mighty word:


As the game progresses, you meet more and more interesting characters and is probably why the adaptation and the new game are going come out in the first place. Also someone needs a cookie because they are releasing the anime in the spring of 2016 -the same time setting in the game! Coincidence? I think not!

I’m really happy they decided to make an adaptation because I’m sure it will what most adaptations try to do; bring you to the original source material and the game is a must play those in the nerd culture community like you and I. One thing that bothers me is why they didn’t decide to make it earlier; I speculate that they either did not have enough budget for the production or they really wanted to released it in the same time period as the game.

I would insert the trailer here, but there isn’t one yet, so yeah… here’s a fan-made opening.


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