Anime Review | Cheer Danshi!! (Episode 7)

As we continue into the second half of the season with the team gearing up for the qualifiers, the new BREAKERS team may be breaking apart a little itself this week.

Cheer Danshi Ep7.1

Episode 7 – Strain

This week the team continues to prep for their upcoming tournament, kicking off their first round of stunt training with the new members. Picking up from the threads of last week, as the core members prepare to perform a demonstration for the newbies, Sho steps up and volunteers himself as base, participating in a stun for the first time as a member of the BREAKERS and since the incident on his last team.

Having been motivated by Sho’s overcoming his trauma and officially recruiting Chen Zixian, the chinese exchange student who has been shadowing Haru and company as of last episode, the team enthusiastically jumps into practice. As practice goes on, new recruit Hisashi Mori, begins to make it known how upsetting he finds the lack of dedication by his teammates. He begins voicing him opinion often and not in the kindest of terms and while only causing minor discomfort at first his blatant disrespect for his teammates soon escalated to blows between himself and Takeru Ando.

In an effort to settle the tension forming within the team, Mizoguchi suggest the team hold a Christmas Bash to bond and get to know each other better. While at first things seem to go well as the team begins to bond, with Hisashi, Takeru and even Saku all apologizing to eachother, things soon escalate once more when Hisashi overhears Takeru, Tamotsu and Takuya drunkenly joking about blowing off practice tomorrow.

After snapping at them Hisashi storms out, stopped breifly by Mizoguchi in a last ditch effort. The episode ends with someone declaring it the worst Christmas bash ever.


Cheer Danshi Ep7.2
Cheer Danshi continues to uphold the easy continuity we’ve come to expect by early on picking up on the threads of the last episode while not directly continuing on by having Sho face his fears and become a base once more.

This episode also introduces a new element which has yet to be seen in Cheer Danshi, conflict within the team. With the sudden addition of so many new members with varying personalities and motivations the conflict Hisashi presents brings in just a hint more realism to the anime. When some persons are more dedicated or strict than the rest, clashes are bound to happen.

While hints are dropped as to why Hisashi is so serious about cheerleading it is not outright mentioned. Its nice to see one of the newbies be used as a driving force for the story outside of the overarching goal of qualifying for the championship but still somehow related. Its also nice that the series does not lose the lightness and comedy we’ve come to love with the addition of this new conflict.

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