LucidSound LS40 and LS20 Universal Gaming Headsets Announced

As gamers and tech enthusiasts one of the toughest struggles we face is finding the right headset to fit our needs. Up and comers LucidSound have announced the LS40 and LS20 Universal Gaming Headsets which are expected to launch in time for the 2016 Holiday Season, hopefully to answer some of our prayers.


LucidSound is practically a start-up company based in San Diego where everyone –  yes everyone – has come from a gaming audio background. The company was founded by the guys who started TRITTON and even has a few people from Turtle Beach and Mad Catz. All of whom have come together to build a better headset.

After the company’s debut headset, the LS30 was so well received, Lucid returns with the LS40 which introduces state-of-the-art DTS Headphone:X™ audio technology to advance the audio experience further.

 LucidSound LS40

Working in harmony with the headsets’ specially crafted 50mm drivers the LS40 delivers spatially accurate, audiophile-grade 7.1 surround sound while also allowing gamers the ability to select between two surround-sound modes – movie and gaming – and three enhanced stereo modes – regular, wide and front speaker – to further customize their audio preferences.

The LS40 utilizes advanced uncompressed wireless technology that eliminates interference and provides a solid signal with high audio fidelity. This model also enhances the critically acclaimed ear-cup control scheme to allow game and chat volume to be altered individually without the need for buttons. The all-new Smartphone Control provides full support for cell phones, allowing gamers to take a call, hang up and control audio playback using the ear-cup alone. Integrated rechargeable battery provides up to 15 hours of uninterrupted gaming and built in mic-monitoring allows players to hear their own voice through their headset.

The LS20 is a new-category of gaming headset, bridging the gap of high-fidelity audio and advanced gaming control, addressing the needs of the everyday gamer.Compact enough to be truly portable, large enough to be truly powerful, the LS20 is sleek, discrete and is meant to be remarkably adept at rising to the challenge of any and all audio environments.

LucidSound LS20

Featuring Active and Passive modes, the LS20 features a built in rechargeable battery, providing powered amplification when used with console, PC/MAC, or mobile, yet working perfectly as a regular wired headset when the battery is powered down. The same advanced ear-cup controls again return with the LS20 to allow instant and intuitive access to game volume, audio mute and mic mute, as well as affording control over call functions and audio playback when used with smartphones

In the run up to the yearly E3 Electronics Expo we have once again seen an influx of gaming headsets announced, all of which adhere to the typical gaming aesthetic: lighting up for no apparent reason, gimmicky features which distract from sub-par audio and awkward, angular designs which we believe hold little appeal to the modern adult gamer. LucidSound is forging a new path, focusing on real innovation and intelligent design with a gaming lifestyle appeal we believe has yet to be seen in this category. Gamers and media have reacted with overwhelming positivity to our debut product and we’re excited to launch our two new headsets which we believe will help us build market share and address new sectors of the market with hardware we believe gamers will love.

– Chris Von Huben, CEO of LucidSound

LucidSound has seen that gaming headsets all follow the same over the top ‘TRON’ aesthetic, looking like rejects from 80’s sci-fi movies. Sound quality is typically poor and controls are confusing. Lucid tunes all their audio themselves thanks to their own in house audio engineers who have over 20 years of gaming audio experience. The results speak for themselves.

The LS40 gaming headset features universal compatibility with practically any gaming platform and can be used with PlayStation®4, Xbox One, PlayStation®3, Xbox 360, PC/MAC, mobile phones, and smart devices, while the LS20 is compatible with PlayStation®4, Xbox One, PC/MAC, mobile phones, and smart devices

For more details you can visit the LucidSound website or follow any of their social media pages. Also check back here for our review of the LS30 Headset.

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