What is ASTRO Gaming New ASTRO.ID?

ASTRO Gaming has introduced ASTRO.ID a new program allowing gamers to create truly personalized looks and stylish color combinations with their favorite ASTRO headsets.

Beginning October 29th, gamers can customize the award-winning ASTRO A40 TR pro gaming headset at ASTRO.ID via an online configurator. Each headset is assembled by hand and shipped directly to gamers in the United States.

“Style and customization have always been important to gamers, and that understanding is a key component of ASTRO’s DNA. It’s why we developed the first ever customizable speaker tag system for gaming headsets, implemented hardware customization in the C40 Controller and software customization across our entire line of products,” said Aron Drayer, vice president of marketing ASTRO Gaming. “ASTRO.ID takes that customization to an entirely new level, removing the compromise between performance and style. The new ASTRO.ID A40 TR Headset is all about personalization, individuality and self-expression.”

The ASTRO A40 TR has been a tournament and content creation staple for more than a decade, known for its audiophile-grade soundstage, exceptional comfort, high durability and flexible modularity. ASTRO.ID will feature six different headset components that can be customized with any combination of six different colors for more than 45,000 possible color combinations.

The ASTRO.ID A40 TR gaming headset customization options include: Headset Frame, Ear Cushions, Headband, Inline Mute Cable, Microphone and Speaker Tags. These components come in the following six different colors: Space Black, Ultra White, Comet Red, Carbon Blue, Star Yellow and Glow Pink.

Pricing and Availability:

The ASTRO.ID Customizer will be open for order in the U.S only, directly at ASTRO.ID. Your custom ASTRO.ID A40 TR Headset will retail for $199.99, including shipping. In addition, a bundle featuring the ASTRO.ID A40 TR Headset and the MixAmp Pro TR for either Xbox One/PC or PS4/PC will be available for $299.99. All customized headsets are expected to be built, shipped and delivered within two to four weeks of your order in a one-of-a-kind box and include a A40 headset case.

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