Seven Seas Entertainment and J-Novel Club Collaboration Bringing Manga Closer To You

Seven Seas Entertainment and J-Novel Club announced their new partnership in the publication of select Japanese light novel series. J-Novel Club is a digital subscription platform providing the official English translations for some of today’s most beloved Japanese light novels. After their digital release, Seven Seas Entertainment will publish select print editions, and make them available for purchase through the same distribution channels as Seven Seas’ ever-growing library of manga and novels.

The first two such light novel series to be brought to print by Seven Seas will be Ao Jyumonji’s Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash, and Chiyomaru Shikura’s Occultic;Nine, both currently available in digital format from J-Novel Club.

Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash
Story by Ao Jyumonji | Art by Eiri Shirai
Haruhiro awakens to darkness and amnesia, among a group of strangers who can only remember their own names…and nothing else. When they make it into the light, they discover Grimgar—a fantasy world that’s like something out of an RPG game. Without apparent skills or knowledge of their surroundings, Haruhiro and his newfound friends band together to form an adventuring party. Only by cooperating, using their wits, and learning new skills can they hope to survive in this dangerous land of monsters and magic.

Story by Chiyomaru Shikura | Art by pako
What happens when eight eccentrics cross paths on a paranormal blog run by a high school NEET? A whole lot of weird! Gamon Yuta runs an occult-related site he hopes will one day make him rich. But before his dreams can come true, strange things occur when the lives of these nine oddballs collide. Can they solve a case that transcends reality and could alter the very fabric of our world?


Seven Seas Entertainment will publish the first volume of Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash on June 6, 2017. Occultic;Nine volume 1 will follow on July 4, 2017. Both series will be printed at a large trim size and priced at 13.99/US and 15.99/CAN.

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