Game Review | Guilty Gear Xrd: Rev 2

Short Version: Just like all the other versions of Guilty Gear Xrd, Rev 2 is a fantastic fighting game. Everything you see here is a compilation of subtle and small improvements that makes some pretty big differences as a whole. If you love Guilty Gear, or just fighting games in general, this upgrade is a must.

Long Version: As much as I like Blazblue, I have still yet to play a fighting game that’s better than Guilty Gear. It’s stylish, fun and has an awesome soundtrack to boot. All the characters are entertaining and interesting to use in their own way, and of course, the visual aspects of Xrd are mind blowing. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still completely in love with Blazblue, but Guilty Gear definitely takes it up to the next level, especially with their updated versions over time. This upgrade definitely feels like the culmination of three years of work, which can be seen in pretty much every aspect of the game.

Let’s Rock!

Since this is not necessarily a brand new game, but rather an upgrade to an already existing one, there really isn’t much to talk about. Other than the two brand new characters, added story stuff and new balancing, it’s the same Guilty Gear you already know, just slightly better. Baiken and Answer, the two new characters, are awesome. Both of them feel like they have always existed in this world and are very easy to use. Even if you feel intimidated by combos, you can always use the good ol’ Stylish Mode to simply button mash your way through awesome looking attacks. For casual people, I know this will be fun for them, just as much as the complexity of Technical Mode is for more hardcore players. The tutorial is also very useful and comprehensive, so anyone that’s new, but wants to learn on a deeper level will find great use of it. Even for veteran players, it might be useful, since pretty much every single character has been tweaked and changed. Some of them have some noticeably new moves, so it might be good to brush up and learn about them.

Probably the coolest thing about Rev 2 is that you don’t need to buy another game at full price if you already own Guilty Gear Xrd: Revelator. You can either buy Rev 2 on its own for $39.99, or simply upgrade your existing Revelator copy for $19.99. Not only is this really cool and convenient, but it’s also considerate. Any other game company could’ve released a “Game of the Year” edition of this at full price, but Arc System Works can truly gain a lot of good will from releasing the upgrade in this manner.

Give me a -SIGN-

One of the biggest pet peeves that I have with most fighting games is that they barely have any modes to play with other than the basic Arcade Mode, Versus Mode and Online play. However, Rev 2 comes with a decent amount of different modes to play. Which is fantastic for people like me, who are not interested in playing online at all. Stuff like Episodes, M.O.M Mode, Story Mode, Fishing, Challenges and other stuff are great for adding for gameplay time without even going online, which adds even more hours for others. This game is packed and there will always be something to do. The fighting and visuals alone is something that I have constantly gone back to since Xrd –SIGN-, so adding more stuff simply pulls me back in for longer.

When it comes to visuals, it pretty much looks exactly the same as always, but now with the addition of new camera movements and angles that reinforces the outstanding quality of the 2D/3D effect the game is well known for. Seeing the fights begin with sideways and vertical panning shots are great sources of excitement, which is not even including the use of the Dust button that provides even cooler camera angles during fights. No matter how many times I see it, I never get tired of it; and this attention to detail is definitely appreciated.

What a Heavy Day…

In conclusion, this game is awesome. I don’t know how many times I have to say it to express how much I love playing this game. The only criticism I could make about it was that sometimes the green color of the menus and the way the option are highlighted are not contrasted well enough for me to immediately know what I’m selecting, but that’s pretty much it. Arc System Works does it again as they deliver an awesome upgrade to an already excellent fighting game. It is small improvement like these that get done over time that makes games withstand the test of time, along with its unique and timeless aesthetic that still continues to impress to this day. If you’re a fighting game fan, then Guilty Gear Xrd Rev 2 is a requirement to play.

This review was made possible through a PS4 review code from Aksys Games. Thank you!