Frostpunk | PAX West 2017

Frostpunk is from the same great creators that brought you “This War of Mine” and they are continuing with the Mature genre. Frostpunk is a “Society Survival” about overcoming dire hardships to manage and lead society against the frozen remnants of Earth. PAX West 2017 is the first time Frostpunk is coming to USA and we were excited to get our hands on it.

What society is capable of when pushed to the limits?
Are we able to survive? Who do we become in the process?

If that wasn’t enough to get you interested to check Frostpunk out like it was for us let me tell you about my experience with it at PAX West 2017. Frostpunk is a intriguing and sometimes conscious damning game where you are tasked with not only protecting your city and its people from the harsh climate but also about making the law of your new society. Making the law of the land per-say isn’t always as pleasant as you’d hope it could be, you have many choices in the way the law and customs of your city shape up, some with long term effects. From making the choice to implement child labor, longer work days, emergency night shifts, and even where and how you handle your sick. Things all start to weigh on you sooner rather than later in this beautiful and detailed game. With all survival games you have to maintain some sort of hunger, warmth, and life quality Frostpunk is no different but, rather than focusing on yourself as an individual you must think of your society first and their needs. Some may not like it and some choices may weigh you down emotionally but being beautifully portrayed from history gone by and sadly still some coming in our future you can see the impact of your choices.

So how does it stand out among other RTS and survival games? I must say i’m not a huge fan of the RTS genre as a whole but I do love a good survival and I must say Frostpunk has taken the art of survival with a RTS twist that leaves me wanting to explore this world and adventure deeper into the story to learn what happened, where is my civilization going and most importantly how will I handle the struggle between being a loving leader and a dictator.

We had a great time with Friostpunk and even got some great audio which you can hear on our Plug and Play PAX 2017 Wrap up episode(s) So please stay tuned for more Forstpunk coming your way.


Coming to: PC (more TBD)
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