Dying Light floods PAX with Bad Blood

While at PAX i had the pleasure of checking out the newest Dying Light, Bad Blood the PvP and PvE game. Upon entering my appointment at PAX West we wait for 12 other press outlets to show up and battle to the death. Bad Blood is a 12 player battle royal with a twist of zombie infested lands set in the Dying Light universe. The mix of PvP and PvE adds to the excitement and challenge. From battling Zombies to obtain the samples needed for extraction to battling players to survive. All this adds a new twist to the battle royale scene unlike any other.

The spin that Bad Blood brings to the table over other Battle Royale games is the fact that each match has a goal each player must accomplish before they can evacuate. While at PAX West we were tasked with not only eleminating all other players but also acquire blood samples from Hives of Zombies. This adds an interesting element to the player psychology. Will you attack all players? Will you work together to defeat swarms and get samples before battling to the death? Each round and player encounter is different.

Dying Light Bad Blood is currently on STEAM Early Access for $19.99 and for that price if you’re itching for a smaller yet still challenging Battle Royale OR just wanting a new twist on Dying Light then I can’t recommend this title enough. Happy Hunting and good luck surviving.

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Zach Auld

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