Neverwinter new Campaign at PAX West

First off heading into this appointment at PAX West 2018 I had never played Neverwinter BUT I have tried D&D before. Lets first recap on what Neverwinter is exactly for those of you who may not be familiar. Neverwinter is a free to play action MMO along with a Dungeons and Dragons experience. Taking place at iconic locations in the D&D universe with classes and encounters with bot the Villains and Heroes.

With my time at PAX West i sat down with a dev and got my hands on the newest campaign “The Heart of Fire” which will be incorporated into Neverwinter. The witty banter of a Dungeon Master had me laughing the entire time like I was when playing with friends. This campaign takes place during a job faire that has gone horribly wrong or awesomely  right you decide. The faire takes place in the Blacklake district.


During my hands on I entered a almost carnival like ride where you would sit in a car and take a tour around the faire. While on the ride you instantly notice that everything is broken, destroyed and sparking except the Dungeon Masters voice. The tour is being played out by wooden cut outs and upon entering a room you realize the seat you’re in has run into broken track. After getting out of your ride I had to build a bridge across the gap to continue down the dungeon leading to an epic boss battle with a golden cast statue possessed by a ghost. This demo had it all from great combat, funny banter, D&D elements and so much more. Along with the new campaign I was told the profession system is being revamped and upgraded to allow players to manage their personalized workshop.

Through my appointment I found this campaign to be comical and extremely enjoyable enough so that given the fact I’ve never played Neverwinter before and have limited D&D experience I will be downloading and looking more into Neverwinter as a whole and hoping to get through this campaign.

Neverwinter is available on PC, Xbox One and PS4 currently all you need is a online connection and The Heart of Fire will be coming to PC November 6th 2018. Learn more about Neverwinter at

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