What To Read | Manga Update May 2018

Another month has come and gone by and with it we’ve had lots of great manga. With insane amount of books being released each month it’s almost impossible to keep up or let along acquire all of them. So this is where I come in, to help you narrow down your choices and hopefully find wonderful reads that you otherwise wouldn’t.

Please note I’ve not read any of these, and this list doesn’t confirm if they’re good or not, just that I’m interested in them.

As usual I’ll be focusing on the top 5 manga publishers; VIZ Media, Yen Press, Seven Seas, and Kodansha Comics. The choices for this list are purely based on my personal preference so if you wish to know what that may be then I recommend reading some of my reviews.

VIZ Media

How could you say no to that face

Starting with VIZ Media we have fewer choices than I expected this month. The reason for that being that most of the volumes are not new first volume entries. That being said there are still a few good options for those who may not mind getting a few earlier volumes.


Yen Press

As usual Yen Press knocks it out of the park with volumes that inspire me to want to read more. With entries like the exceptional read that is The Royal Tutor to surprises like, Star Wars Lost Stars whats not to love. This month Yen Press has a bit of everything in both manga, as well as light novel formats.


Kodansha Comics

Kodansha probably has my favorite line up this month, and that correlates to the release of one particular manga, Liar X Liar 2. After reading the synopsis of this romantic escapade I was immediately intrigued. It’s probably my most anticipated read this month, and holds up Kodansha Comics a slight bit above the rest this month.


Seven Seas Entertainment

Sven Seas Entertainment brings up the rear with more volume ones than any of the other three. So if you’re looking for new series to get into this is the publisher to check. Most of their books for this month are well split between manga and light novels. What this means is that you’ll get more great manga this month from this publisher with a few light novels. Light novels generally take a bit longer to read than manga hence the reason I say they’re well split.


Well, these are my choices for must reads for the month of May 2018. Leave a comment to let me know if you’re planning on reading any of these, or to share what other manga you’ll be reading this month.

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  1. It seems like there are a lot of good romance series coming out lately! Personally I’m really excited to try out Liar x Liar 2 and Everyone’s Getting Married. I’ve heard really great things about both of them, so I’m sure I’ll enjoy them. I’ve also found a really great webtoon series this month as well! A trailer for it popped up on my YouTube recommendations, and I’m so glad I gave it a shot! It’s called I See Your Money, and it’s about a guy who has the ability to see how much money a person currently has, and what their future value will be. I thought that was a pretty interesting concept on its own, but throwing romance into the mix really made me want to try it out!
    So far it’s lived up to all my expectations, and it’s actually becoming one of my favorite titles for the year! If you have the chance, I definitely recommend trying it out!