Bleach Joins Jump Force Roster

Bandai Namco Entertainment shocked us all at E3 2018 with the announcement of Jump Force during the Microsoft showcase. In case you missed it, we’re pretty excited about this one. Jump Force promises to bring the world of Jump anime/manga into the real world for a high paced fighter which makes use of Unreal Engine. Having seen the trailer – and getting some hands on play time at E3 – there is only one big question left; Who makes the roster?

Jump Force Ichigo and Rukia vs ZoroWith Anime Expo in a few days, Bandai has just revealed 3 new characters to join the fight. As expected, everyone’s favorite Shinigami/Quincy/Hollow hybrid has made the cut. In this clash of Shonen Jump titans, Bleach represents with the addition of Ichigo Kurosaki, Rukia Kuchiki and the big bad boss man himself, Aizen Sousuke. Another villain and two new heroes added. The jump chaos heads to the Hong Kong arena. Jump Force is heading in the right direction.

Jump Force Hitting Hard with the Heavy Hitters

With the addition of Bleach, Jump Force officially round out representation for the Big Three. Additionally, the game also reps fro jump titan Dragonball. Currently the confirmed roster sits at count of nine. In addition to the four characters confirmed with the initial announcement, and the three just confirmed, the E3 2018 demo confirmed Roranora Zoro of One Piece and Sasuke Uchiha of Naruto as well.

Jump Force Zoro vs IchigoThe E3 demo showed that Jump Force is geared towards being Bandai’s next big fighting hit. It utilizes not only Unreal Engine 4 to bring new realism to the game, but also melds mechanics from games like the Ninja Storm franchise as well as Xenoverse. The arenas, while beautifully mimic their real life counterparts, all feature transitions. Hit your opponent hard enough and see just how far up the Matterhorn you can go.

Jump Force promises a glowing story unlike anything we’ve seen in an anime game so far. As the lines between the Jump World and the Real World blur our heroes will step up to protect both. Still, we would really love to know just how many. The game is part of Jumps 50th Anniversary celebration, so its most jump titles are likely to show up. What we’d all like to know is which titles, how many reps per title and how many characters in all.

Got an anime/manga you hope to see in Jump Force or maybe just a favorite character? Share yours and we’ll share ours. I’d love to see more One Piece characters myself. A couple Fairy Tail mages wouldn’t hurt either, but as of now we’re at the mercy of Bandai.

Jump Force Rukia joins the fight Jump Force Ichigo Awakens Bankai Jump Force Ichigo blocks Zoro's attack Jump Force Ichigo vs Aizen Jump Force Ichigo enters the battle Jump Force Hong Kong Stage Jump Force Getsuga Tenshou Jump Force Aizen Sousuke

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