NVIDIA Announcing “Spectacular Surprises” on August 20!

For those of you who have been waiting with baited breath to see what NVIDIA has in store for the gaming market, you may not have to wait much longer! The company announced that they will be unveiling some “spectacular surprises” at a GeForce event on August 20, the day before Gamescom officially kicks off. While the company has been tight-lipped about what these surprises might entail, there’s a pretty good chance that this might be when we see their next gaming-based GPUs get officially unveiled.

There have been a ton of rumors over the last few months about what these new cards might involve, including quite a few “leaked” specs and benchmarks that are highly questionable, and honestly we don’t even know yet whether they will be part of a GTX 11-Series or a possible GTX 20-Series. Honestly, though, speculating about what these cards will involve is kind of pointless at this time because August 20 is just around the corner.

One thing is for certain, though: If you’ve been holding out on upgrading your GPU or buying/setting up a new gaming PC, you probably will want to wait a little longer and see what gets announced. After all, whatever the next generation of cards from NVIDIA is, I am very confident it will be a great deal more powerful than the current Pascal-based offerings.

Jessica Brown

Retro Games and Technology Editor. She'll beat pretty much every Mega Man game without breaking a sweat.