PS5 Console Reveal

Sony finally revealed the official look for the Next PlayStation – PlayStation 5. The console will release later this year during holiday 2020 and will come in two variations. A digital on PS5 system and a standard one with a Blu-ray drive. Prices for the new systems have not yet been announced, but we’ll hopefully have that info soon.

As hype for the console grew, so did “leaks” about what it would look like – all were wrong. Sony some how managed to keep the look of the PS5 console under wraps right up to it’s reveal.

Ideally It’s sleek futuristic design matches the look of the new Dual Sense controllers. With a clean white body accented by a gloss black central panel adorned with the glow of a Blue LED strip. Similar to the XBOX Series X it stands on its vertically like a PC tower – most likely for better ventilation. We can also assume the unorthodox wavy shape lends itself to this as well to improve airflow to the powerhouse of a system.

Sony also presented a new headset, camera, and multimedia remote along with the reveal of their new home for games. This reveal marks the end of an era for the PS4, but we’re likely to still see it receive games will into the first year of it successor.

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