Now Is Your Chance to Get Loot Boxes Out of Games

Loot boxes have been seen as the scourge of full priced games for years but due to a lack of personal responsibility and self control by the vast majority, it seemed lack they’d be with us forever. In stepped Belgium & Netherlands – rightfully banning Loot boxes in games like; NBA 2K and EA’s FIFA Games. Meanwhile in other countries they’ve been sued for predatory gambling practices or dragged before government inquiry bodies.

The UK Government has been one of the few who have questioned companies like EA about their predatory practices. EA in particular attempted to skirt around terms while insulating their Loot boxes were ethical.

At the time we all assumed that nothing had come of said inquiries due to no bans or charges brought against publishes like EA but it seems that was too soon an assumption.

On 8 June 2020 the government’s response to the DCMS Select Committee Immersive and Addictive Technologies Inquiry announced that the government will launch a call for evidence to gather evidence and understand the impact of loot boxes. This followed a commitment made by the government to review the Gambling Act 2005 with a particular focus on tackling issues around online loot boxes.

This call for evidence is targeted at two groups with separate questions for each group:

  • Video games players and adults responsible for children and young people who play video games, through the Loot Box Call for Evidence – Player Experience Questions Survey. Alternatively, a feedback form can be downloaded from this page. Further details on how to respond are included in the Loot Box Call for Evidence document accessible on this page.
  • Video games businesses, and researchers and organisations interested in video games and loot boxes – Questions and details on how to respond are included in the Loot Box Call for Evidence document accessible on this page.

Ways to Respond

  • Complete online: Survey
  • Reply by email ( Form
  • Write to Video Games Team, Media and Creative Industries Directorate, DCMS, 4th Floor, 100 Parliament Street, Westminster, London, SW1A 2BQ

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