Xbox Series X will launch November 10 for $499 USD

Smaller digital only Xbox Series S will be $299

Microsoft had a rough launch last generation for the Xbox one, with missteps like over-reliance on Kinect motion and voice sensing, confusing messaging about games needing to always be online, and used games not working. This time around, they seemed to have learned from their mistakes, and have a much friendlier offering for consumers who want the latest console experience in their living room.

Today Microsoft announces the Xbox Series X will be $499 USD at launch, with the smaller digital only Xbox Series S at a more affordable $299. Both versions of the new Xbox will be on sale November 10, and available for pre-order September 22.

In a further exciting development, Xbox Ultimate Game Pass will also include EA’s Play subscription at no extra cost. This will add quite a few quality games to Microsoft’s library of “free” downloadable games (if you’re paying for the monthly service).

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Tim Bledsoe

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