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back in December i wrote an article with the same title as this one, at the time i could not find a windows 8 app that i believed to be the definitive app for reading manga on the platform. After i wrote the article i was informed by one of the developers of one of the apps that i wrote about in the article (manga flow) that the app was updated and that it had met all my requirements to make it my best manga app on win 8. I immediately jumped on my PC after i read the comment to check to see if manga flow was indeed updated. I found two other apps for manga that i had written about in it’s place for i had uninstalled it after i had posted the previous article, what a mistake that was. After realizing my mistake i reinstalled the app and began to dig around.

Now if you read the original article you would have learnt what were the requirements to make a manga app the best it can in my book. the first thing i noticed upon the reinstall was that the manga now had a download button next to each chapter, a requirement for any manga fan just incase the net goes down or if you work with a laptop and want to download a few of your favorite chapters for the road. the next thing that i was indeed looking to check was the availability of manga rated 18+. On my first search i found Futari Ecchi and Nozoki ana. I then added them to my favorites via the handy favorite button.

oh yeah the adult stuff, look away kiddies (sorry Kita got in the shot somehow :/?

After adding a few more manga to my favorites i started to read manga because what else does one do after you see updates for your manga pop up on your top right side of your screen. The notification feature from windows 8 is greatly used here and allows one to find out which of your favorite series has new chapters each time you open the app. The only thing i would like to see done with this feature with the next update is to allow the app to run in the background at all times like Skype and some other apps so that as soon as a new chapter is available it will pop up on your screen even if the app is not open. This will help those new to reading a series to get accustomed to when chapters come out and allow those busy like me to know when it’s time to get our read on.

you tell them Yuichi, nothing gets past you :D

the next feature that caught my eye was the ability to choose your scanlation this is important to many readers because some scanlations are sloppy and for avid manga readers we all have our favorites and only read from particular scanlations. This feature only has two options as of this post but i will hope to see more in the future.

I would like to say i am satisfied with manga flow and have been using it as my primary manga reading app on my Windows 8 PC from since Dec 18 2012. I will continue to keep using it and will be hoping to see more updates to this wonderful app like the addition of an auto updater to your myanimelist account and even a way to sync your manga data so that one can keep in check with what they are reading and there friends can do the same. Also as of this article there is no possible way to share the manga that one is reading with social services like twitter. I’d love to see this feature added. My last is a suggestion to the Manga flow app developers. I wrote about my love of reading manga on my android phone and about the app that i use on that handset. If manga flow can make an android app that does all that the pc version does and syncs with their pc to allows both devices to be informed about my status in a chapters, it will allow me the reader to read easily between both platforms. I for one will be happy to make the switch from my current android manga app if the option is available and i’m sure many others will be willing to do the same .

all my manga in one place

My question for this Article is; where do you most read your manga and what apps or medium do you use to read your manga? you know mine from the article so leave a comment below to share yours.

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  1. never seen the point of manga readers on PC TBH, i use the inbuilt picture preview and that has always been great for me

    1. i kinda got the urge to use apps because of the app style of windows 8. i actually use my tab more than any other medium to read my manga but it’s nice to know the option is there if i want to use it. plus it would link to windows mobile devices for the manga reader on the go.

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