Manga Day Blues

Manga Day greetings to all the manga readers out there. Today is another Wednesday (manga day) which means the release of the subs for the weekly jump manga selections; Naruto, One Piece, Bleach.

Those of you that have been following me for a while will know that I have Dropped bleach because of the way in which Tite Kubo’s writing has become predictable and the way that story is restricted to only exploring Ichigo, his exploits, his past, and in so doing it abandons the vast amount of interesting characters it has at it’s disposal.

It’s a good thing i dropped bleach because without it I have had a chance to pick up some other great manga series like Minamoto-kun Monogatari, Kimi no Iru Machi, Nozoki ana and Onepunch-man. All of which have shortcomings, most of which have to do with the regularity and length of chapters, not the story as in the case with bleach. Anywho with this week’s chapters already out and behind me here are my reviews for the ones I have read.



This week the focus seemed to be on Tsunade and how amazingly powerful she is, and what a great lose it would be to lose her, “Meh”.  Quite Frankly I could care less about what happens to the character. She is in my eyes the most useless Kage in a fight and only serves the purpose of a supporting role, a role her student is easily filling. For a large portion of the chapter she remained in semi-incapacitated state as Orochimaru Tried to save her life. In this state she had reverted to her naturally older form, though Kishimoto choose not to show her face in this state. Just to add a bit more about my qualms with Tsunade as a character, she is a Sannin and Hokage yet her healing skills are not even above some other characters (Karin). Anywho all in all this week’s Naruto chapter was a bit meh compared to the last few chapters before it.

One Piece

With Oda Back out of the hospital we got a chapter last week, but none this week. I would hope Oda is using this week to rest up so that we can have a great chapter next week, though I doubt that’s the case, (Oda is a Known workaholic after all). 

Minamoto-kun Monogatari


let me get it out of the way immediately this week the chapter was just as short as usual (9 pages) so  if you had some hope that things may change the answers is no. The chapter also ends on a cliffhanger right when things are about to get interesting. My recommendation to anyone that reads this manga is to skip reading the chapter this week and wait till the next chapter is out to read both. It’s what I would do had I known how much of a troll this chapter was before reading it.

All in all this weeks Manga Day was a bit of a downer. There will be more manga coming out later in the week so my hope is that they can quench this thirst that I have built up.

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  1. TBH i think naruto should go the way of bleach and just be thrown in the bin, it’s a steaming pile of crap

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