One Piece Unlimited World Red heading to the west

As a Huge One Piece fan you know that I have been looking forward to this announcement since the game was originally released November last year on the 3DS in Japan. Will it brings me great pleasure to inform any OP fan that doesn’t not know yet that the game will be released in the US, EU and Australian regions this year. As a bonus it will be released on not just the 3DS this time but also the WII U, PS3 and Vita. I think i’m going to end up buying multiple copies of this game just to play with everyone on their preferred console. 😀

I will also like to take this time to say that I am so excited that I will also be buying a copy of the game for one lucky Buttonsmashers Family member, so make sure you are subscribed to at least one or all of our accounts.  

Qudduws Campbell

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