Review of “Chuck’s Challenge 3D” on NBF!


I’d been slacking off a bit on the review stuff because of how busy I’ve been lately in my personal and work lives, and also dealing with replacing a GPU, but now that things are a little more normal (PC stuff settled at least!), I did get one done recently. It’s a review of an awesome little indie puzzler called “Chuck’s Challenge 3D” that reminds me, in a good way, of the Eggerland/Adventures of Lolo games. It’s a good game and worth checking out via Steam.

The review I wrote for Nerdy But Flirty is rather short and sweet, so it should make for a good read.

Jessica Brown

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  1. I saw this game reviewed on LGR’s youtube channel. It’s apparently the spiritual successor to an eighties game called Chip’s Challenge. The game looks good, although I doubt I have the brainpower to beat it.

    1. Yep, I kind of got that vibe too. I remember Chip’s Challenge from back when I was a kid, playing it on an old DOS computer 😛 It’s actually a neat game, and has been carried on by fans over the years since.

      Oh, and yes, I just Wiki’d it. So, the Chuck from the title is Chuck Sommerville, the man who made Chip’s Challenge. That’s awesome. I also read there was a CC2, though it was never released due to copyright issues 🙁