Legendary Mafia II Review


I played this game based on the fact it SEEMED GTA style which is a series i’ve enjoyed in the past but never been to thrilled about, But what got my attention was the Mafia aspect. For as long as i can remember i’ve enjoyed watching, reading, learning and all around just loved the mafia scene. So as a Mafia enthusiast I was pulled to this game. Now let me start off with, if you’re looking for a GTA alt. this game is a good one but not nearly as long, but for the shortness it makes up in amazing gameplay, story line and cinematic scene’s.

You play as a character named Vito Antonio Scaletta who has just returned from the war. You meet up with your childhood friend “Joe” who learning of a certain situation your family is in with a loan shark offers you help in getting into helping black market people.

After a few days you’re arrested on some random charges for stealing gas i believe i can’t remember anyways you’re sentenced for, i believe it was 5 years. While locked up Joe tells you to find a man by the name of Leo Galante who is a  consigliere for the Vinci family.

After being released you meet with Joe who now works for Eddie Scarpa, underboss for Don Carlo Falcone. Eventually you are told to go find this guy and his body guard so you set out to find them. After rescuing them  Joe and Vito are both made men in the Flacone family.


A few months later and Joe and Vito are living the luxury life of made men. But when they and a few other’s decide to get into heroin trafficking it causes problems between the Triads and the Mafia Families. Being called to the Observatory by your boss you head out. But once you head that way your intercepted by a Limo and forced to “take a ride” after being filled in on the “ride” to the observatory you have a new mission Kill Falcone. Once inside a shoot out reigns down on you. After fighting and crawling to Falcone you reach him not only to have Joe pull a gun on you.  The ultimate betrayal?  Joe whispers he is still on your side and you kill Falcone. Both you and Joe stroll out of the observatory to find that you will be riding in separate vehicles. As you enter the limo and Joe enters his vehicle you reach an intersection that you go through but Joe’s ride turns. You are informed that Joe isn’t a part of the deal and with those soft words you realize you sent your best friend to Sleep with the Fish’s.

Now this game is fun and there are stores you can rob. Is it a game i would play again? Maybe years down the road but for instant replay No. I loved the game and i think i only took sleeping breaks till i beat it. But as for replay there just wasn’t enough side missions and nothing but the actual story was built up to keep you going, but for the Low price of $5 or less on Amazon i couldn’t imagine NOT having it in my collection especially if you’re like me and keep your old consoles to replay the games at a later year.

Zach Auld

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  1. Nice review. I really enjoyed Mafia II, but it takes a mood for me to try and go back to.

    I’ve yet to complete the story a second time, and despite starting it again a few times, really have no desire. Just couldn’t care less about the story.

    The game world is incredible though; just a shame there wasn’t anything to do in it. Loved the simple things like having a car that you could limit the speed on and having to fuel up… wish more games would have stuff like that. Great atmosphere, really just enjoyed walking down the sidewalks and entering the shops/diners and going for a slow stroll through the city in a classic car.

    1. O man i totally agree. I really wish it was more like a Skyrim esk game. By this i mean HUGE tons of quests and so on. I really enjoyed the “family” sense where you try to get into it. and work your way up. I really enjoyed “The Godfather” in the sense that the first one you worked your way up and in the second you picked up where you left off. BUT again the cars were not that great AND the side quests were extremely lacking.

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