Manga Day: A God is Usopp…. !

Hello, salutations and a happy manga day to all, and what a wonderful day it is. I hope you are all reading the good stuff that is manga, oh and to our family members that read comics I’d like to wish a special comic day greeting to you as well. This week the manga has been flowing out at a rapid splendid rate, a rate that I like, a lot. From the mainstream Naruto to acquired tastes like Futari ecchi, there is much to read no matter you poison. After last week’s manga drought because of golden week it’s nice to see the good stuff back. Some series are missing updates that I am eagerly awaiting but there is no information for them yet so I’ll just have to wait till my phone notifies me of a new chapter while i enjoy the chapters that did come out.

One Piece 746

One piece bounties
Look at those bounties. Frak law looks so cool :3

It’s amazing how Usopp always somehow manages gets credit for stuff he doesn’t do LOL!. That guy has some of the best and worst luck of any character in anime and manga that I have ever seen and most of the time both happen to him at the same time. He somehow managed to be called a God and then get a higher bounty than even his Captain. Usopp however likes the fame but not the negative attention that accompanies it. I’m really curious as to how his plot line will play out with him being protected by robin, Sabo and Bart who are escaping the blood lust of the men who were previously praising and thanking them for saving them from their faith of being toy slaves for life. As for Luffy and company they are going after Dofy’s head, against Laws wishes might I add. Law thinks that they should leave him to Kaido but Luffy is at that point that logic does not matter to him and all he can think about is whooping that bastard’s candy ass. With Zoro and the still handcuffed law under each arm he set out as rash as ever to get Joker. Franky has escaped his faith but to where we do not know. Then there are the marines that are still after the Straw hat/ heart combo and not even giving Dofy any importance. Thus the main alliance has a very tough fight ahead of them with an admiral on one end and Joker on the other. As to how this will eventually turn out, heck I don’t know. I’m just happy to be along for the amazing ride/ adventure that is One Piece.

Look at this Man getting himself a bad ass bounty.
Look at this Man getting himself a bad ass bounty.

Futari ecchi 191/192/193

Futari ecchi has finally continued putting out new chapters. This time I got 3 at once. That was the perfect manga day gift for a bloke like me that not only loves ecchi manga but also multiple chapters in anything I’m reading. My friends won’t even suggest a manga to me unless it has at least 50 chapters to start with. I for one don’t like the feeling of waiting a week+ for just one chapter update.
Anywho I’ve gotten lost in my rabbling a missed the point. This update to probably the best ecchi manga ever made covers some interesting ground that I just can’t write about here on the site due to its sensitive nature. All I can say is that it’s good, really good actually. If you’re over the legal age (18+) and not reading this then you my friend are missing out on the pleasures of fine informative literature of the rarest kind. The artwork is a bit dated when compared to some other manga styles but I like it. It adds a feeling of maturity that some others lack. The characters dress in older fashions that you may have seen in a late 80-early 90 film, think Beverly Hills cop. now for those that don’t know, Futari ecchi is not just ecchi, but also a sex guide type of manga. It claims to not be a tutorial on shagging but is actually way better than most of those official sex manuals while managing to keep its ratings down to ecchi and also have a proper engaging story with a lot of moral building messages. The two main characters, a young married couple are the center of the story and the basis for most of the teachings, and then there are their family, friends and co-workers. All these characters manage to add to the story is many realistic ways and even some times get to take the center stage for a chapter or two. With topics like domestic violence, stress and more it manages to stay in familiar ground while covering a broad array of topics. If you are reading it already all I can say about these new chapters is that it continues from where 190 left off with Yura and what she found in her friend’s room. Makoto like the beast he is capitalizes on the fact that she gets drunk and some interesting things happen. 😉

Furari ecchi
I don’t think i will ever truly understand woman :'(

Ok that’s all I have for today. I’m running low on time and I have a few more things to take care off. I’ll leave you a list of the rest of great manga I read for the week so far.

  • Naruto 675 (Sakura still sucks leading the chapter to be anticlimactic. We get to see some new stuff from Naruto but in the end it all seems forced and not important. The only not worthy part is the conversation between Sasuke and the team about what he want to do next)
  • OnePunch-man 34.7 (it was great. Super lead up to the next chapter)
  • Koi wo Suru ga Shigato desu 1-13 (I’ll be publishing a full separate review of this manga after I complete it. So far it is going good) 
  • Ansatsu Kyoushitsu 88 (So far so good. Itona is showing a new side of himself that I rather like and Koro has another weakness revealed)

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  1. Yeah, Ussop’s luck always makes me laugh. And in reference to the end of your article, hell yes, One-Punch Man. I recently caught up with it about a month ago just to check it out since I saw a couple of people talking about it, and it’s really good in its own way so far.

    1. yeah its a great manga. I just wish it had more frequent updates. Sometimes it takes so long for a new chapter to arrive that i forget i’m reading it.

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