Manga Day: We don’t die, we respawn

We don't die, we respawn

Have I ever said how much I love the One Piece series? YES? Well I’ll just say it again just so that you know. “I love One Piece”.

Chapter 756 continues where we left the last chapter. With team Viola looking for the Tonatta Princess “Mansherry”. To be honest I was not quite sure the extent of Viola’s ability, but after reading this chapter I’ve had my mind knocked around a bit. She’s fraking awesome. Being able to see anywhere? Just think about it guys, no seriously…..think about it…… 😀 .

Sanji would be proud of the thoughts you are all having right now 😉 . Her ability is keenly noted upon by Ussop as one that Sanji himself would love to have just before Kinemon, Kanjurou and that Stupid looking bird arrive. It’s not too long after their arrival that they start causing trouble. You see just as bad as Kanjurou’s art is it seems his common sense may be worst. The guy made a net to protect them; one that I assume may have started as a huge gate, that being drawn by someone without an ounce of artistic skill must have fallen over and become a net that afforded their pursuers easier access to them.  The bloke is a total scatter brain and I love it. I hope we see more of him in the story. Characters like him are the reason why OP is so unique, its ironic.

On to Team Robin (excluding Rebecca) who get shot down by Gladius, I feel sorry for this guy though. He ends up in front of luffy, Law and company and then knocks Robin and Bart into the mix. It’s not too long before Robin and Bart square off against him leaving Luffy’s Team to get to Rebecca, who btw could really use their help from the looks of it. I don’t think she’s ready to face off against her mother’s killer alone. Its not the right moment for her. She’s not what I would consider a strong character and adding the emotional baggage of him being her mothers killer to the scale. I’d have to be daft to think that she would win the bout.

Naruto 688

back from the deadOK how the Frak does a bloke move from the dead to the living dimension as though it’s a simple step? Well Obito does and he makes it looks oh so awesome in the process. I’ve not read a more exciting Naruto chapter than this one. It’s not what I’m accustomed to from this manga. I’m usually in a meh kinda frame of mind after a Chapter, but this time I was sitting up and almost a fist pump away. The manga keeps getting better as its coming to an end. Maybe I’m excited to see it end and see what happens after it does. Obito’s Sprit form is strangely enough his younger version, though with is full Sharingan and abilities. He passes these abilities to Kakashi and tells him he needs to become Hokage before Naruto. Kakashi looks so bad arse with those eyes. Two Sharingan with that mask was always what he needed. With the two he’s even managed to pull off Susanoo…. This chapter was all about Kakshi and Obito being awesome. It had other moments but none as memorable or as important.

For those that don’t keep up with my social accounts I’ll just like to inform you that my Tab has been missing for a few days and it has a crack now. As I’ve not had my tab for most of the past week or the fact that it still has a crack on half of the screen, limiting the amount of available touch surface I have access to. I was unable to read as much manga as I usually do before I wrote this manga Day articles. To be honest this week I read from the browser on my desktop… I’m so ashamed it was so uncomfortable. 🙁

Well with that I’ll just wish you all a splendid conclusion of your Mangaday. I know everyone is reading something awesome so leave it in the comments section below and remember have a wonderful Manga Day.

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