Party Hard To Punch Out

This year while at PAX I had the great honor of meeting the guys who have helped us put on so many different Friday Night game nights… TinyBuild! Let me tell you I was not disappointed with what they had in store for us this coming year and there newly released title PARTY HARD! Although neither titles will make it into game night rotation as they are single player games they are amazing games none the less.

So lets talk about there upcoming title Punch Club!


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Punch Club like all there other titles we love so dearly is sticking with the same bit art style that we love from them, You play as a up and coming boxer who is down on his luck and needs to earn money for food, rent, and to fight. Along the way in the demo I worked out, went to the Pizza shop where I ended up landing a job as a delivery boy.



After acquiring my job I then earned some money to buy some food and was mugged by what I can only explain as the Teenage Mutant Alligators after losing to them I was trained in the ways of tail whip by none other than a rat. So as you can tell this game is full of fun and funny through backs to my child hood and I loved every minute of it. The game plays very nicely and the story line was top notch and kept me excited to reach the next part of the story. Another instant love from one of my favorite Developers.

The Other title they were showing and showcasing was there newest release PARTY HARD!


Again keeping in true form this game is of the bit art style, but with a twist you are listening to a story before each scene of a police investigation about a mass murderer who just liked to party a bit to hard. Now without spoiling it I will say that the objective in each scene you play out is to murder everyone at the party without being caught, it sounds easy but in honesty it gets very difficult towards the final scenes. One of the things that is extremely fun is planning the way in which you murder someone or a group and the environmental kills that ensue. Things like poising the keg, or blowing up the kitchen, OR my favorite making sure the cops are called when there is a large group in the front and the cop killing them all with his car!

But in all honesty the game sounds gruesome and morbid and it is, but the story line and game play are top notch, It kept me enthralled in game play for over 3 hours before I reached almost the final stage and called it a night.

Zach Auld

Explosive, outspoken Podcaster/ Streamer