Remnant From The Ashes Rises In PAX West


One of my all time favorite moments from PAX West 2018 was when I walked into Remnant From The Ashes. A four player Co-Op post-apocalyptic shooter wrapped in a dynamically generated world. Remnant From The Ashes is being developed by Gunfire Games the same studio behind Darksiders 3. In Remnant From The Ashes you are brought to a crazy alternative or maybe not so alternative future where the Earth is over ran with alien life set on destroying the human race.

I’ve always honestly enjoyed these third person perspective games that revolve around exterminating you as a player which I’m happy to announce Remnant From The Ashes hits that unlike any game has in years.Pitting players against a new deadly earth with Mythical and alien creatures running wild all set on destroying you. With my time at PAX I had the option to choose one of two classes that fit specific play styles. I chose an option where I had a shotgun and a nice firearm. I was pleasantly surprised by how amazing these weapons felt and by how easily switching between them was.

During my time with it I had the chance to explore an amazingly crafted subway station that was filled with alien goo and life forms. I had tons of fun using a combination of shotgun and revolver. Each character class has special perks you acquire along the way and I was extremely pleased with my ability to make little minions that would draw attention away in a heated battle. After making my way through the subway I was dropped into a ruined city where a mythical creature flew in to the scene and the boss battle was on. I found this to be difficult at times but rewarding. I found myself finding new ways to use the environment to dodge, escape and block attacks not only from the boss but the creatures it was spawning.

Overall I can’t wait for Remnant From The Ashes to be released and I would have to say it’s top 5 if not top 3 of my most anticipated games from PAX West 2018.

Zach Auld

Explosive, outspoken Podcaster/ Streamer