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During a archeological excavation doors were found that lead to different dimensions outside of Rynoka the small town that is used as a trading village. Rynoka serves as a safe heaven for villagers and adventurers as well as a marketplace to re gear before heading through the doors to battle and collect epic loot. But Moonlighter is about the shop and supplies… or is it?

We’ve all played those games where you go into a shop and they are filled with wonder and awe of all their items but, how did they come across all these items? Well thats where Moonlighter comes in, you play as an adventurous shopkeeper who dreaming of being the hero. You fight through dungeons, craft your items and of course keep that store stalked with everything the other heros’ need to keep them going. So, what does it mean to be a hero? Do all heros’ defeat great enemies or, do some heros’ make it possible for others?


While we were at PAX West 2017 we actually had a chance to get our hands on it and quickly fell in love with Moonlighter. You play as a young merchant learning about the merchant game, rasing prices… lowering prices… stocking shelves things all store owners do but that we’ve never worried about in games before but, with this interesting twist is where Moonlighter lives. You play as a eager merchant who wants to be a Hero but also knows he must stock his shelves and make a real living. This is a interesting twist because you must go adventuring to acquire items to sell as well as to help you explore deeper in these other worlds. I had a very fun time watching people come and buy my items and seeing what I could charge for items I had collecting. Overall I think Moonlighter is a very Niche but very epic game that takes us on the other side of the counter from the Hero’s and possibly if you play your hand correctly you’ll be the Hero in the end.

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Coming to: PC, PS4, Xbox One
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