Devolver Digital announces Gato Roboto at PAX West

This weekend at PAX West, Devolver Digital announced Gato Roboto, an old-school metroidvania that will sure to delight nostalgic fans of the 8-bit era.

After a crash landing on an alien planet, it is up to the space captain’s cat to don a mech suit, battle alien foes, and find a way to repair the spaceship and save her human. The exploration and combat is a clever mashup of original Metroid and Blaster Master, with weapon upgrades to be found, and the ability to switch between being in a mech suit or just using kitty claws to scale obstacles. I’m pleased to report that from my time with the demo, the jumping and shooting controls are really tight, and after 5 minutes I didn’t even notice the black and white Gameboy-like graphics. It’s a lot of fun too play, and will scratch that old-school platforming exploration itch with robot kitty claws


Gato Roboto will be available on PC and Switch next year.

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