Metro Exodus PAX West Hands On

While at PAX West 2018 I got my hands on the new installment of the Metro series Metro Exodus. While keeping in line with linear game play this installment of Metro expands further. This installment brings you past the boundaries of previous games and into the unknown. You traverse through swamp, woods and much more on a journey to find what really lies outside the previous installments. You’ll encounter new foes and factions all while on a mission.

Besides going beyond what any other Metro game has before the map size is hands down the largest brought to us in a Metro series thus far. Adding to the game is the new zip-line feature allowing the player a new sense of travel across the landscape and a new way to get where you need to go. The graphics are as amazing or better than before and will be taking advantage of the new Nvidia RTX component.

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The newest and potentially the most exciting component Metro Exodus brings to the table is the newest weapon. The Bolt action cross bow. This weapon is nearly silent and deadly. In so many games you are pigeon hold to a path in game play with silencers or load automatics but this weapon brings a nice mixture of stealth and deadly force.

Other than the new weapons the new terrain is gorgeous and so well detailed it left me wanting to explore every building, path and swamp. You’ll encounter new monsters in this world unlike you’ve seen before. I highly recommend jumping in at Exodus or if you have the time going back and catching up.

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