Konami Switching to Unreal For PES 2022

Yesterday we did a feature on the PES 2021 Season Update being released this summer. In that piece we got a few things wrong concerning the nature of that game. Instead of being an update for PES 2020, the PES 2021 Season Update will be a it’s own stand alone game just with a new lick of paint. The game’s publisher stated in a blog post that they’re focusing more on their PES 2022 release scheduled for summer 2021.

Konami went on further to state that they’re also focusing on next-gen while featuring a trailer of Barcelona FC’s Leo Messi along with the Unreal Engine Logo.

This title is being developed with an updated engine that will enable us to dazzle you with staggering improvements to all areas of the game. Expect more realistic player models and animations, enhanced physics, photorealistic visuals, and much much more.


The publisher currently already uses the Unreal Engine for PES games on Mobile so it shouldn’t be a big leap for them to adapt it for much more powerful consoles. That however is about a year away. Which in the gaming mind is a figurative eternity.

Currently, we aim to begin testing of our next-gen title (PES 2022) sometime in mid-2021, with an estimated release date later in the same year.


What we’ll receive until then is a minor face lift for a reduced price. They could have also done an update for those with PES 2020 but only Konami know why they didn’t.

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