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I would like to start this manga day article the same way I always do and wish all my readers and the entire Button Smashers Family a happy Manga Day. I would also like to apologize for not writing a Manga Day piece last week. I had some personal thing to deal with on that day as well as some emotional factors that prevented me from writing. Anywho I’m one day late, but I’m here now so lets get on with the article.

This week i started as I always do with Naruto as my first batter on the mound, he is a confident bastard with some skill and very few mess ups. He is not the creative type so I don’t expect much from  him, but when he does impress he goes all the way (sorry for the baseball reference, it just popped in my head Open-mouthed smile ). Chapter 639 was quite the interesting chapter after what we got last week. I like how they portray the Juubi’s Jinchuuriki (Obito) as he battles the four kage as well as Naruto and Sasuke. The current art for him looks splendid and kind of reminds me of bleach.

You can quote me on always saying bleach has some of the best art in both anime and manga respectively, but Tite Kubo has gone down a wrong path with his story writing. with regards to the fighting this week, it was amazing to see the second use his Gojou Kibakufuda jutsu on Obito but we all didn’t expect it to finish him, he is the 10 tails after all.I must say when it comes to fighting skill Naruto is still way below Sasuke, who already read the kages plans and fighting motive while his buddy was at the very least 5 steps behind. The chapter ends with a nice clif hanger that I didn’t see coming which means I can’t wait for next week.

One Piece
The King of manga Day sat upon his throne and he rightfully should. In baseball terms he’s the star player that knocks the ball out of the park every game, has  the huge fan base,scouts always trying to steal him and never drops the ball. This weeks chapter did not fail to impress as it had Luffy front and centre going wild in an arena of monsters like Ideo and the over powered Qinzhao, look who am I kidding everyone in OP is over powered Open-mouthed smile. this weeks chapter was all action with each of six badasses showing off their stuff to the crowd and us the readers.


One Piece can only get better from this point and with Oda’s track record as a guideline it will. If you are not reading this amazing manga by now shame on you, find a copy or sub now!!!

Minamoto-Kun Monogatari
Two chapters people, two chapters. That is 9 pages each of pure freaking proper ecchi manga. Yes you heard right “proper”. This weeks Minamoto-kun was superb because of the fact that they put out two chapters. I’m going to be blunt and say there was boob, and that Terumi has made some amazing progress over these past two chapters. The way he does so however is a bit un-realistic because he moved from being so weird around girls to totally becoming a dominant beast on the sheets. He is apparently what is known as a fast learner. I would have wanted more of a plot leading up to this had this been another manga like Nozuki ana, but this is Minamoto-kun we are talking about, 9 chapters take forever to progress Minamoto-kin. So any progress is welcomed.


Still Reading
This week I added mysterious girlfriend X to my read list after hearing about it from the Ani-Gamers Podcast. This is the first page so you know what to expect.

As always keep reading and always keep an open mind when it comes to manga. So no limiting yourself and please feel free to share your Manga Day ritual with me in the comments below.

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