Larry is back and soaking wet

That’s right Ladies and Gentlemen our own hopeless romantic with a cringe worthy personality is back! Going back to the roots of Leisure Suit Larry 1 and 2 where we left him in the 80’s we are now re-introduced to Larry Laffer a man who is straight from 1980’s who’s dropped into the 21st century. As all Leisure Suit Larry titles the name is the first hint into the comedy gold and this is no different. This time around is “Wet dreams don’t dry.” and I can see why. I had the pleasure to check this title out at PAX West 2018 and was instantly laughing my ass off. These games are so out of the ballpark of a politically Correct game but hey if you can’t laugh at crude humor why are you even reading this? We covered a bunch of other titles at PAX. Now that the crude people are here with me lets get into this title. Hailing from the traditional titles in the series this is also a “Point & Click” adventure where your end goal is……. to find love and get laid. As always it’s comedy gold especially since Larry know’s nothing about the world around him.

The world is ran by social media in our time and it’s now the same with Larry. You are introduced to the great, mighty, and may I say erect corporation Prune. Prune is a smart phone and technology company that drives the dating scene on their devices. But the thing you’ll notice in Prunes logo is well let me show you.

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Prune however their attractive logo and huge erect building contains one more thing than just a good time. The sexy and clearly not interested assistant to the Boss of Prune.  With this day and age having been raised around technology it’s easy to forget Larry never has seen a cellphone not even a old brick one. But in the start you find the newest Prune prototype and bring it back to the Boss and your journey to get with the assistant starts. Like always they for some reason resist Larry and you’re on a quest to get laid and find love.

The interesting thing they have implemented this iteration is the social media aspect. Such as the addition of Timber the worlds dating app. Swipe left swipe right and find your matches to get your Timber score higher and maybe that secretary will take you seriously. Oh and don’t forget your Instacrap account either please. Larry really needs the likes.

Along with the social media there will be light crafting. Like adding toilet paper to a stick to move something gross and the list goes on. So make sure you interact with the world around you. Speaking of the world Leisure Suit Larry will flaunt 30 hand-drawn characters and more than ever before backdrops in which these characters (and Larry now) live. We’ll revisit places familiar worn down by time like Leftys.

But don’t worry there are lots of new locations and ways to interact with this world you’re living in and through.

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The game will be coming out shortly so unlike Larry you won’t need to teleport into the future so once it’s released check back to see our coverage and just how cringe worthy I can make of it. I’ll be pointing out all the sexual hidden art and I encourage you to do so as well.

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