Legendary Dragon Age Origins Review

Dragon Age Origins

During the times of blights a HERO is called upon, That’s where your story begins. The Land of Fereldon is facing another blight and the Arch Demon is banging on the front door.

Dragon age Origins is the game I’m reviewing. It is one of my favorite games. I originally bought Origins on the 360, then after getting my PS3 I bought it once more as well as Awakening (the true second game in the series) as well I bought the “terrible” Dragon age 2, After beating them all the PS3 I reclaimed Awakening and Origins on the PC and that’s where I’ve reviewed it from. I have every second of gameplay on my YouTube channel www.youtube.com/thelegendofpodcast.

As the Hero of Fereldon and like all great RPG’s you have choices to make right out of the gate. You choose your race, your appearance, your specialty (magic, rogue, or warrior) you also choose your backstory. I chose to be a human of royal blood for this play through as I love the warrior class and didn’t want to be a dwarf this time.

As a human royal I started in my father’s castle, upon starting the game your father has two special guests a royal friend who also has his own castle AND Duncan of the grey wardens a highly respectable man who leads a part of the grey wardens. Now you may be asking yourself who are the grey wardens? I shall explain that now for you. The grey wardens are the protectors of Fereldon, they come in times of blights and fight bravely amongst all armies that will help see Fereldon vanquish the darkspawn and the arch demon.

After meeting your father and his companions you are sent out to let your brother know they ride to battle tomorrow. After doing a few mini side quests to learn the basic’s you head to bed to be woken up by the sound of people screaming. Upon leaving your room you find a blood bath and immediately you realize you are under attack not of darkspawn but of royal soldiers.

You and your mother alongside some other warriors and companions fight your way to a secret exit where you find your father laying in a pile of his own blood fighting for his last breathe. After exchanging some words Duncan appears and asks to take you and your mother away, Your mother being the warrior she is refuses to leave your father’s side and Duncan tells your father of his real intentions on coming to the castle to summon you for the grey wardens. After more exchange banter you say good bye you’re your parents and flee with Duncan.

Duncan Of The Frey Wardens
Duncan Of The Grey Wardens

As you travel with Duncan to the front of the battle he tells you about the grey wardens and mentions of a “joining” ceremony you are to part take in to be called a grey warden and sets you off on the quest with two other grey warden prospects as well as a grey warden by the name of Alistair.During which you meet a rather odd woman by the name of Morrigan (which by the way is amazingly good looking) who is standing right where some scrolls you are looking for should be.

After completing the quest and getting the needed items for the “joining” you head to the ceremony where Alistair and Duncan quickly start the ceremony and things take a dark turn as you learn the true nature of the “joining” and what it means to be a grey warden.


After the joining you and Alistair are sent to find King Cailen and are sent to the top of a tower to light a beacon to notify the other army when they need to join in the battle for Fereldon. Of course this would be an extremely boring game if this was that simple. You head to the tour to find it’s been ran over with darkspawn and you and Alistair fight your way through the tower clearing it of the evil around each corner and behind each door. Finally at the top of the tower you fight your first boss and upon lighting the tower you see the army retreat to leave you all for dead.


After which you are over ran with darkspawn and are awakened inside a little hut. Greeted by that sweet face of Morrigan she tells you her mother saved you, and that your friend is outside waiting on you. You head outside to say your thanks and explain who you are and upon your departure Morrigans mother offer for you to take her daughter as way to help in the coming blight. Although Alistair isn’t too keen on this idea with him being a Templar you end up taking her either way. (And honestly it isn’t bad eye candy for the road I mean who wants to just travel with dudes I mean come on!) After this you set out on a mission to find tribes of dwarfs, dalish elves and more to fight at your side as they promised so many centuries ago.

Arl Eamon
Arl Eamon

I started with Arl Eamon who Alistiar knows a little too well for what he has told me about his past but none the less that’s the place I went first. Upon arriving you find the darkspawn are coming at night to terrorize the villages, I of course being the hero offered to help vanquish these night mares and continued into the castle not only to find the king deathly ill but the king’s son under demonic possession, at which time I proceeded to do those quests and even make hard choices that would affect the rest of the game.

Dalish Elves
Dalish Elves

After helping the king and helping? The kings son I set out to the dalish camp to find they are in a battle with werewolves and they mystery ensued.  After unraveling the mystery the dalish people swore to help in the battle so I set off to collect the last and final piece of the puzzle the dwarfs.

Oghren My Favorite Companion and Drunken Dwarf
Oghren My Favorite Companion and Drunken Dwarf

After reaching the gates to the city I was greeted with the awesome news that their king had just died and there was a battle over who the rightful king was to be, and for some reason that was my fault and I had to decide who I supported. After doing this quest line and a few others like finding a dwarven female who went mad with power the dwarfs agreed to send some soldiers into the “sky”(dwarfs believe they will fall into the sky if they come up to the surface)

After many hours and countless quests I was finally ready to head to battle BUT not so quickly. Fereldon need’s a king As the King fell on the battlefield in the beginning of the game alongside Duncan who had also fallen next to the king Fereldon needed a rightful king. Now the piece I left out of this story earlier on is the Alistair is the bastard son of the High King and Brother to the fallen king. So by right he deserves this title BUT he doesn’t want it and basically begs you to forget he has any claim to the throne at all. But there are only two options the fallen kings wife stays Queen and her father claims the title King (Who by the way is working with the very same man who killed your entire family AND he’s the one who withdrew from the battle of Ostagar in the beginning WHICH killed the KING!) OR you nominate Alistair and face him and convince him he needs to do this, OR there really is a third options convince the two to get married WHICH I’ve never been able to make work! As I’ve always done I’ve chosen Alistair for the position he is the rightful king no matter if he wants to be or not.

The NEW King Of Fereldon
The NEW King Of Fereldon

Upon Alistair being named King he declares he will come back and rule over Fereldon BUT only if your at his side AND only after he helps defeat the blight. So this is when you take off to defeat the blight and finally meet the Arch Demon. NOW there is a hang up another grey warden has finally made it to Fereldon and they know a little more about this arch demon then you both do. To defeat an Arch Demon means to die. The soul of the Arch Demon doesn’t just die with the Demon but latches onto and into the soul of the final striking grey warden. With that being said there has NEVER been a grey warden who has lived upon defeating a blight. BUT your sexy friend Morrigan does offer up a plan AND a proposal, She believes she knows a way to not only allow you to kill the Arch Demon BUT to live and to claim the title of Arch Demon slayer AND Live to bask in the glory. Her proposal is as such Lay with her the night before the battle and conceive a child and when you lay the striking blow the soul will see the childs as yours and see the power that both you have made and latch onto it, Now the down side is she asks that she may raise the child and you’ll never see it.

Arch Demon
Arch Demon

Now I obviously am here to tell this tale so I laid with Morrigan, Upon laying with her you set off to seek out and destroy this Arch demon. After calling in all the reinforcement’s that agreed to help in this undertaking and countless deaths Myself and my chosen companions that were beside me this whole time and some that I had just recently met stand at the top of a tower and squared off with the Arch Demon for One Final Battle.

Now I have left many pieces out of this review NOT only for the sake of the length of this review but also in the hopes that you will head over to my channel and at least watch the final chapter and see how this Arch Demon Battle went down. You may want to watch a few other chapters to see what I’ve missed on accident and to check out the story that I left out intentionally due to the size of this article.

Also let me add that this Series is by far one of my favorite RPG series and it has a well wrote storyline that obviously has had me coming back to it on 3 different platforms so please Check it Out!

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