New Manga Series by Makoto Raiku

Manga author Makoto Raiku, best known for his hit series Zatch Bell (Konijiki no Gash Bell!!), is set to launch a new school fantasy mange titled Vector Ball on April 27th.

Vector Ball

In 2001 Raiku hit the scene with Gash/Zatch Bell. The series followed genius middle schooler Zatch_Bell!Kiyomaro Takamine whose life is turned upside down with the appearance of young Gash Bell, a Mamono boy from Makai (demon world) who has been sent to earth to find a partner and battle against 99 other Mamono to determine the next king of Makai. The series had a successful run till its conclusion in 2007 with 33 compiled volumes, the first 25 of which were released in North America by Viz Media. The series also received a television anime adaptation of 150 episodes which ran from 2003 to 2006.

Raiku is also known for the manga Animal Land (Dobutsu no Kuni) which was published by
Kodansha in 2009 running till 2013. Animal Land was compiled into 14 volumes with Volume 10 being released by Kodansha last in October 2014 and Volume 11 expected soon.

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Vector Ball’s first chapter will be released on April 27th by Kodansha with 62 pages and a color opener. Not much is known about the new series as it has only been referred to as a “school fantasy manga about bonds”.

As an avid fan of Zatch Bell, I can’t wait to see what new adventures Makoto Raiku has managed to cook up.

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